Batgirl Inspired Fashion


Batgirl’s my favorite superhero. I love that she’s smart, capable, and mostly independent from Batman. Before reading her story, I always thought she was just this girl sidekick of the Bat’s, but no, she’s an awesome superhero in her own right.

Someday, I really want to cosplay as Babs (my preferred Batgirl), but until then, I’m having fun creating hypothetical Everyday Cosplay outfits based off of her costumes.

I made two outfits–one that’s a casual tripping-down-the-street sort of outfit and another that’s a bit on the fancier side of everyday wear (at least for me). I’d love to wear either of these outfits. It’s a shame that all of my Batman insignia shirts are tossed. Someday soon, I’ll need a new one so I can start putting together an actual Everyday Cosplay for myself.

Everyday Batgirl


Do you have a favorite superhero?


7 thoughts on “Batgirl Inspired Fashion

  1. I love both outfits; they look really cool!
    I really want to look/read more into all the superheroes, especially since the female ones aren’t represented often in movies (which is my main source for information on them).

    1. Gail Simone’s run on Batgirl and/or Wonder Woman would be a good place to start if you’re interested in female superheroes. I’m also partial to the newest Black Widow comics, if you haven’t tried those.

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