Mini Book Review: Traitor’s Blade


The Story

Falcio was once the First Cantor of the Greatcoats, but since the death of his king, he’s been stuck making a living as a glorified bodyguard. When he and his companions stumble upon an assassination (that they are then framed for), they are forced to go into hiding. They join a caravan which, unfortunately, only serves to get them further entangled in a dangerous scheme involving a princess, vile dukes, and the final destruction of everything the Greatcoats once stood for.

The Review

I’ve always loved stories of Robin Hood, King Arthur, and swashbuckling swordsmen. Traitor’s Blade is a perfect addition to the classic tales of knights and outlaws because it’s rolled all of them into one glorious romp BUT added a dash of The Princess Bride-type humor. It’s that humor that keeps Sebastien de Castell’s novel from descending too deeply into a melodrama about honor, duty, and the first rule of the sword.

Falcio made a great main character. He was very damaged yet blessed with a sense of humor and a dashing outward persona. His companions–Kest and Brasti–were also fantastic, but I didn’t see nearly enough of them. I can’t wait for the second book in the series so I can get to know more about all of the characters (including Aline and Valiana) as well as more about the world and its serious problems.

I highly recommend Traitor’s Blade to anyone who loves a dash of the devil-may-care swashbuckling in their fantasy. It’s fantastic!


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