Library Book Sale Haul


Another library book sale has come and gone. This time around, I loaded up on Scifi and Fantasy books. I’ve finally been reading epic fantasy again after years of not being able to stomach it (I blame The Wheel of Time series for burning me out) so I had to stock up my shelves. I also picked up a few fiction books.

All together I spent $10 and bought 12 books. Pretty exciting!


First off, here are all the speculative fiction books I bought. I’ve read Wizard’s First Rule and Green Rider before, but it’s been so long that I thought I might enjoy them again. After reading Assassin’s Apprentice, I was excited to find more books in the series.  These books should keep me entertained for awhile–and will hopefully lead to me getting interested in some new series.


Here are my miscellaneous books. I was excited to find Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley to add to my literature collection. I’m looking forward to reading her other books after I enjoyed Villette so much. I picked up Lawhead’s Hood book on a whim. I never could get into his fantasy series back in the day, but I sometimes get a desire to read Robin Hood inspired fiction so I hope this will satisfy on that account at least.


These are the two books which brought my bill over the $1o mark. They cost $3 a piece (basically I almost bought all of my other books for just a little over the cost of one of these). I like having literary fiction on hand when I need a break from Scifi/Fantasy/YA so I allowed myself a little splurge. I flipped through the first couple pages of each and both books looked interesting. They’ll probably go high on my To-Be-Read List now.

No huge, spectacular finds were to be had at this sale, but I’m pleased all the same with what I found.

Have you had any exciting book hauls lately?


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