Mini Book Review: Assassin’s Apprentice


Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb is an epic fantasy novel about Fitz–a young boy whose very existence jeopardizes the security of his country. He’s the illegitimate son of the king-in-waiting, but unfortunately for Fitz, his father’s queen cannot bear a legitimate heir. The ruling king worries about the line of succession and fears that his grandson could be a danger in the future. To keep Fitz in line, it’s determined that he will train to be the king’s man–an assassin. Fitz must now prove himself useful and loyal or his very existence might just prove to be too much of a liability to his family.

The court intrigue really dragged me into the story of Assassin’s Apprentice. Fitz’s arrival causes upheaval in the court, and it’s fascinating (and occasionally frustrating) to wait for the fallout. I’m hoping the drama between countries and ruling parties will be upped in the sequels. Assassin’s Apprentice was more of a coming-of-age story than a tale of backstabbing court intrigue.  (I definitely could have done with some more poisonings and assassinations.) This novel, though, was a great starting place for the Farseer series. It succeeded in getting me wrapped up in Fitz’s world. I want to know more about the Skill, the Forgings, and the other people that exist outside of the Duchies.

I’d definitely recommend Robin Hobb’s novel if you’re looking for a new fantasy series to try. It’s got some slow moments, but overall, it’s a really great read.


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