Fall TV: My Week In Television

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The Fall television season is already underway, but for me, it doesn’t start kicking into gear until next week. It’s been a long, hard summer with only Under the Dome and Rookie Blue to watch. I’m very much looking forward to the return of some of my favorite shows, (Not my favorite, though. Hannibal‘s not coming back until next year.), and the beginning of some new stuff that shows promise.

I’ve written up my weekly viewing schedule–which is respectable this year–in the hopes that I won’t forget to watch anything. (Shows on Fox have the habit of getting away from me because I can only get them in on the miniature TV in my room. Oh the joys of life without cable!)

For those who might be interested, here’s my projected week in television:


  • Once Upon a Time ~ Last season, I finally became an all out fan of this show. I loved Regina’s characterization after the whole Peter Pan fiasco, and her romance with Robin Hood had me swooning. I still don’t care a bit about the Charmings, but here’s hoping that Elsa and the rest of the Frozen gang will deflect even more of the focus from Snow and Charming.


  • Gotham ~ I haven’t been watching the previews lately, but from what I’ve seen, I have high hopes for the Batman prequel. The whole crime drama aspect of this show doesn’t interest me nearly as much as seeing baby versions of all the villains. Also, I look forward to being conflicted about my finding the Penguin vaguely attractive.
  • Sleepy Hollow ~ Ichabod, Abbie, and the rest of the characters drew me in last season, and I’m interested to see where their story takes them this year. I really do like this show in spite of all my reservations. I know it will probably go bad at some point down the line, but I intend to enjoy it until that happens.


  • The Flash ~ Barry Allen’s Arrow episodes were literally the best thing about last season. Since the writers did a really good job setting this show up, I hope it delivers. So far, I’m looking most forward to the lighter tone of The Flash and the introduction of more people with superpowers into the Arrow/Flash Universe.  ALSO, there’s going to be a whole horde of Prison Break guest stars this season so I’m enthused for that.


  • Arrow ~ I’m both excited and nervous about Season Three. I’m excited because of Brandon Routh, Thea training to be a fighter, Felicity possibly being Oracle, and Roy putting on the mask. I’m nervous because of Olicity. I’m a huge Ollie and Felicity shipper, but I’m really worried the writers are going to screw everything up.  My mom (who’s also an Olicity shipper) tells me not to be so doom and gloom about it, but I just don’t want them to be together next season. It’s too soon.


  • Gracepoint ~ I keep forgetting this show exists, but I mean to watch it. I still haven’t seen all of Broadchurch, but I’ll definitely watch it before this remake begins. While the U.S. doesn’t have a great track record with redoing British Dramas (see Life on Mars as a prime example), David Tennant being in this gives me higher expectations than I would otherwise have. Of course, what’s weird to me is that Broadchurch felt like a remake of The Killing. Do we really need this many shows about mysteries surrounding a dead child?


  • Constantine ~ Obviously this fan of comics, horror TV shows, and British men is going to be watching Constantine. The previews looked pretty good, but I do wish Lucy Griffiths wasn’t being replaced as the leading lady. I liked her as Marian in Robin Hood and would have enjoyed seeing her in this show too.

I’ll probably also be checking out Selfie, Jane the Virgin, and The Mindy Project online. Those type of shows are suited to my afternoon crochet entertainment.

So, have you decided what you’ll be watching this Fall?


6 thoughts on “Fall TV: My Week In Television

    1. I thought I’d be watching even more than I am but a lot of the stuff I’m really interested starts midseason. Come January, my viewing schedule’s going to get even more complicated. 🙂

  1. I’m definitely going to be watching OUaT, Arrow, Flash, and Constantine. I’m not sold on Gotham, since I’m not a Batman fan. I’ll probably hop in and out of Sleepy Hollow – I like the show, but feel like it would benefit from a shorter season (like many American shows – do we really need 23 episodes?). I’m so not an Olicity shipper – I want Felicity to be my Oracle stand-in, and not be mired in relationship angst with Ollie. Anyway, everyone knows Ollie & Black Canary belong together 😉

    I totally geeked out and wrote a much longer comment than anticipated!

  2. I’m excited for Sleepy Hollow to return. I’m hoping it doesn’t go bad fast haha.

    I am soooo behind on Once Upon A Time and Arrow 😦 I need to catch up fast! I keep hearing bits of it and it makes me super curious

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