Throwback Thursday: Anastasia Action Figures


If we’re talking nerd origin stories, Anastasia‘s a major part of mine. I named my first dog Anya. I collected all of the action figures, dolls, statues, and stuffed animals that I could get my hands on. I watched the movie once a week. Embarrassingly, I even recorded my favorite bits of dialogue on a key chain recorder and made people listen to it at church–no wonder they all thought I was weird.

If you’re somehow not aware, Anastasia was an animated movie that came out in 1997. It’s not a Disney film but rather one made by Don Bluth (who did The Secret of NIHM and Land Before Time). Unlike most non-Disney animated films, though, the art and music is actually very good in Anastasia.

At it’s most basic Anastasia‘s a film about the lost Russian princess and a couple of con artists who hope to get reward money for finding “Anastasia” and presenting to her grandmother. There’s also a talking bat, a mostly dead Rasputin, and a lot of singing during a road trip. It’s a strange plot for an animated film, for sure, but it tickled my pre-teen fancy.

I still have all my action figures from my Anastasia phase so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to show them off. Weirdly, I don’t have any Rasputin figures. I imagine they made him, but I must not have cared to have the complete set. (Actually, I believe all I cared about when it came to action figures was being able to retell Anya and Dimitri’s romance. They were the first fictional characters I ever shipped–obviously before I knew shipping was a thing.)

These figures still look surprisingly nice to me in spite of them being played with quite a bit. I guess that’s one of the upsides of being a control-freak, only child–your toys all stay in excellent condition.

Here’s Anya, Dimitri, and Pooka in their outfits from the beginning of the movie.


I, of course, also have them in their ballet garb.


Apparently, Anya and her father (in dream sequence clothing) must have come in a set because I can’t imagine I would have bought Nicholas on his own.


This cute set of little figures is also part of my collection. I just love Anya and Dimitri’s sass.


Sometime, I’ll have to break out my Anastasia dolls for you all to see. And my stuffed animals. And other general miscellany. (You have no idea how much Anastasia stuff I have, trust me.)

Do you have any toy collections from when you were little? Or even collections you’ve started more recently?


8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Anastasia Action Figures

    1. You should! I haven’t watch it in awhile either. I need to sit down and watch through a bunch of old, animated movies some time. It’s been years since I’ve seen Lion King or Pocahontas too.

  1. I’ve actually never seen Anastasia! I remember when it came out, but I think I was at that age where I wasn’t watching animated stuff as much. I don’t have any entire toy collections from when I was a kid – just a few pieces here and there. But, in the early 2000s, I did go back and re-purchase toys I had as a kid.

  2. Oh wow! What a great collection! I loved that movie too when I was younger, but I can’t say I have as many things as you do. Gotta love that sass! I do have the barbie-esque doll of Anastasia with all her fancy dresses, and a toy train I got from Burger King. I may have had Anastasia sheets too, but I don’t remember.

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