Weekly Review + Links

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This has not been the greatest week for me. I basically managed not to go completely crazy by binge reading Morning Glories. I’ve gotten through six of the trade paperback volumes since Monday, and I only have one more to go before I’ll have to resort to picking up single issues.

Needless to say, I’m hooked.

If you haven’t read Morning Glories, I can best describe it as “The television show LOST set at a weird prep school.” It starts off with six gifted teenagers arriving at Morning Glory Academy.  You have Casey, Ike, Jade, Zoe, Jun, and Hunter, and from the first moment they arrive, the faculty at MGA basically tortures them and screws with their heads.

Good times, because apparently all of this horrific treatment will serve the greater good.

Or something. I don’t know. The more I read Morning Glories the less I understand what the heck is going on at this school. I still love it though.

Oh yeah, and Ike is my favorite character. Sorry (not sorry).

Morning Glories is written by Nick Spencer with art by Joe Eisma. You should definitely try it out if you haven’t already.

Now, Onto Some Links of the Week!

So, have you read or watched anything good this week?


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