Comic Review: The Tenth Doctor #1: Revolutions of Terror


Earlier this week, I discover a Doctor Who comic at Books-A-Million, and with David Tennant on the cover, how could this Whovian resist?

The story takes place after Series Four but presumably before the Specials and the 50th Anniversary. I haven’t done a comic review in awhile, but this new series is definitely review-worthy so I wrote up a Recap/Review for your reading pleasure.


After the loss of Donna, the Doctor finds himself in New York City on the eve of Halloween. Monsters have come to Brooklyn just in time for the Day of the Dead.

As the Doctor tracks down the source of the problem, Gabriella’s struggling to gain some control of her future. Her father wants her to be educated just enough to be of help to the family business (i.e. accounting classes), but she wants much more (Art school, perhaps?). As she’s complaining about her situation to her friend, she’s attacked by a mysterious watery creature.

This, unfortunately for Gabriella, is just the first in a series of bizarre events that plague her family. Her soon-to-be-in-law, Hector, is threatened by a horned monster and Gabriella’s grandmother is haunted by her husband’s tormented ghost.

Soon, the entirety of Brooklyn seems to be hiding in fear of the strange goings on.

Gabriella, however, doesn’t hide. Instead, she attends her accounting classes–the same as always.

On her way home, her train experiences an unexpected delay. The delay isn’t the normal sort. A monster crashes into her car and begins transforming to look like her. Horrified, she begins to run. ¬†Another passenger on the train asks her to take his hand.

Gabriella’s just had her auspicious introduction to the Doctor.


I love the Tenth Doctor, and this comic definitely left me feeling nostalgic about his run. I loved Nick Abadzis’s introduction to this new series. I’ve missed what Doctor Who was like pre-Matt Smith, and I was happy to find that this comic captured the essence of what DW was like during Nine and Ten’s run.

I was really pleased with Gabriella as the new companion. The first issue sets up an interesting conflict for her. She loves her family, but isn’t thrilled about their aspirations for her. She truly seems like just the sort of girl Ten would pick to travel with. She’s smart yet underutilized and unappreciated. I can’t wait to see them interact with each other.

As for her family, I’ve always liked when the companions had family to ground them and, occasionally, to add tension. I missed that aspect a lot during Matt Smith’s run, and I’m glad to see it again in the series. I’m interested to see how the Doctor will interact with them too as he wasn’t always very tolerant about family baggage.

It’s a bit difficult to make a call on how the plot will go, but it doesn’t matter because I’m already hooked thanks to all of Ten’s rambling mumbo jumbo and Gabriella’s snark and capability.

I’d definitely recommend this series if you’re a fan of the Tenth Doctor. It’s a lot of fun and shows a lot of potential.

The next issue comes out August 27th. I’ll definitely be picking it up and (hopefully) reviewing it too.

Have you read any Doctor Who comics?


2 thoughts on “Comic Review: The Tenth Doctor #1: Revolutions of Terror

  1. I picked up both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor issues and thought they were both very good. I think this story seems promising and look forward to getting to know the new companion. That final page is amazing and definitely sets things up nicely for issue 2.

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