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As you no doubt know, I love short-lived TV shows. The only problem with these shows, of course, is their lack of episodes. I watch through Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls at least once a year, but as they don’t take very long to get through, I’m constantly looking for other shows to fill in the gaps between rewatches.

This week, I think I finally found (okay, rediscovered) a substantial show that will keep me busy for quite awhile!

Smallville: Season One


Smallville‘s one of those shows that I watched periodically through it’s run. It was never a favorite with me (mostly because I wasn’t a fan of the way it portrayed Clark Kent {No glasses!}), but as I’ve been desperate for something lengthy to watch so I decided to give it another try.  And I’m definitely enjoying it so far.

Weirdly, this time around my least favorite character has become one of my favorite. I loathed Lana when I watched the show originally, but now, I like her a lot. I like that she reads when she’s stressed, and I like that she doesn’t try to be the perfect cheerleader that everyone wants her to be.

Of course, I feel sorry for her too. She’s always being stalked by creepy high school guys (this includes Clark who spies on her through his telescope–ICK!) and adored as this flawless angel by other teen girls. She gets into all this trouble just because she’s nice and pretty.  She’s just got it all around rough.

The only person who treats her like a normal human being is my other favorite character: Lex Luthor. Lex was my favorite character my first time around with this show, and I still really like him.

While I don’t think that the writers were intending there to be Lexana shippers at this point in the series, I’m seriously already becoming one. They seem much more right together than Lana and creepo Clark do.

Other than my love of Lana and Lex, the show’s a bit haphazard so far. The writing is so off kilter that I end up laughing at how insane it is once an episode at least.

Basically, there are two rules in Smallville:

1. Never be alone with another student and/or teacher from Smallville High. They will try to kill you or, barring that, try to use you as some sort of energy source.  (This is the plot of literally every episode!)

2. Stay away from all motor vehicles. They will either (a) explode into flames, (b) crash dramatically, or (c) try to run you down. (Seriously, one of the writers must have had some sort of phobia about cars.)

This show was on ten seasons so I’m pretty sure the plot has to get better from here on out (or, at least, more original episode to episode).

Still, I’m going to keep watching it. Mainly because of Lexana.

Do you have a favorite character from Smallville? A least favorite?


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