Playing Catch Up: Five TV Shows I’m Sadly Behind On


I’ve been doing very poorly at keeping up with all my TV watching. Since I started crocheting for a (meager) living, I’ve been watching TV to pass the time rather than as a serious hobby. This means that I just turn on something familiar or something I don’t necessarily care about to entertain me while I hook.

I am normally a hard-core TV watcher so it isn’t very fulfilling to watch my favorite shows with one eye on my work and the other on the screen.

This summer, though, I’m trying to catch up on some of the shows I’ve gotten behind on. These weren’t shows that I could stand to watch half-heartedly so now I’m making time to just enjoy them.

Here are the Top Five shows on my To-Catch-Up-On list: 


1. The Hour ~ I’m FINALLY watching through the last season of this one. I put it off for a long time because I’d vaguely heard that people were upset with the ending. (I’ve seen some spoiler-y pictures on Tumblr so I don’t think I’m going to be amused either.) Still, I love this show, and I want to see it through to the end. I have only two episodes left now, and basically, my only hope is that I get at least one Bel/Freddie kiss out of this whole thing.


2. Luther ~ The pilot of Luther spoiled me so bad. I now have no patience with TV shows that don’t capture my attention as quickly as Luther did (five minutes in and I was already a gonner). I just love how well-written and acted this show is and I’m super happy to know that Alice comes back in the final season. Right after I finish The Hour, I fully intend to move onto this puppy.


3. The Killing  ~ I still don’t know who Rosie Larson’s killer is! Sigh. I loved the first season but have only made it about a third of the way through the second. I need to get back into this show and see how everything works out. Besides that, I’m also missing the lovely Detective Holder.  He’s one of the main reasons I love this show.


4. Broadchurch ~ Don’t know who the killer is here either. I watched half of the first season and then the DVDs had to go back to the library. I was really enjoying this show (and seeing David Tennant in a post-Doctor Who role), but I just forgot to get it out again. I want to finish the first series before the summer’s out though–especially since there’s going to be an American version this fall.


5. The Mindy Project ~ And now for something completely different! I watch The Mindy Project on Hulu (because Fox is iffy as to whether it comes in or not on my TV), but after the mid-season hiatus, I didn’t realize it was back so I missed the new episodes while they were free (I don’t have Hulu Plus or Netflix or anything ’cause I’m broke).  I want to catch up before the new season starts so, hopefully, it will become available either on Hulu or on DVD soon.

Are there any shows you’ve been wanting to catch up on this summer?

Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t spoil any of these shows for me, okay?


7 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up: Five TV Shows I’m Sadly Behind On

  1. The Hour! So good. I blitzed through both seasons in no time at all. I also finally watched all of Hannibal since it was released on Netflix Canada. The Killing & Broadchurch are both high up on my “To Watch” list. Now to just find the time.

  2. I started watching Luther awhile back, the first episode was so good! I must go back and finish it!

    Also, I totally get what you mean about watching something to just kind of entertain you while doing something else… I do this all the time when I’m working on stuff on my computer!

    Good luck on catching up with all your shows 🙂

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