Look What Came in the Mail!


A week and a half ago, I won a prize on Twitter from Quirk Books, and it arrived today!!

I absolutely love Quirk Books. Their William Shakespeare’s Star Wars books are so much fun, and I cannot wait for their Hello Kitty Crochet book to come out this fall. I was super excited to open my package from them and find this awesome Totes Books tote bag (I’m going to use it as a library tote) and three books.


I was excited to find that I’d won The Geek’s Guide to Dating, Geek Wisdom, and Verily a New Hope. I haven’t read either of the two “geek” books so I’m looking forward to perusing them in the near future. (Hopefully, reviews will be forthcoming.)

I just love have nerdy books in my collection, and these will look pretty sweet next to my copy of The Nerdist Way and various Star Wars books I’ve collected from library book sales (I must rearrange my shelves so I have an entire geek/nerd section!).

Have you ever won prizes through social media? I’ve won a few things, and it’s always so thrilling and unexpected.


4 thoughts on “Look What Came in the Mail!

  1. Oh my gosh! I want that tote bag!

    I’ve never won anything through social media before, but I don’t enter in many contests. I’d like to win something sometime!

  2. I’ve won two giveaways so far, one from a blog (which I was so happy about, I won books too!) and another was an instagram contest… so exciting to win!! These two times were the first time I ever “won” anything. The Geeks Guide to Dating sure has a cute cover and I love the tote bag they sent you! Congrats!!!

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