Beginner’s Amigurumi ~ Part Three: The Stitches

beginners-amigurumi-stitchesWelcome to week three of my Beginner’s Amigurumi series! It’s finally time to put our hooks to work. In this post, I’ve included all of the stitches and basic information you’ll need to get started with amigurumi.

For absolute beginners, you’ll need to check out this video on making a Slip Knot and this video on crocheting a chain (most of this video is not relevant to amigurumi, but she chains the same and simple way that I do–a lot of the other videos make it seem more difficult than it really is).

Also, I guess, if you’re a super-super beginner, you’ll need to know how to hold a crochet hook in the first place. Check out this photo to see the two different ways to hold the hook. I use the knife method, personally (although I prefer to call my hold “The Claw”), but neither way is wrong. I’d recommend trying both and deciding what feels most comfortable to you. Oh yes, and figuring out how to hold your yarn is also important. I like this video because it shows three different ways you can do it (I use the third method). Again, everyone does it differently so just choose what’s most comfortable to you.

Next up, I’m going to warn you that some patterns will tell you to start with a Magic Loop. Personally, I loathe the Magic Loop. I’ve never used it in my life. The simplest way to get around having to EVER learn how to do the Magic Loop is to use the traditional method of crocheting in a circle instead. The traditional way is basically this: Chain twice and begin your circle in the second chain from your hook (usually by crocheting six or seven times within that one stitch). Easy peasy. If you want to learn the Magic Loop later, you can, but I’d recommend starting out this way–it’s just one less thing you have to learn at the beginning.

Now, onto the more difficult stuff. . .

The stitches and abbreviations you will need to know are:

Chain: Ch

Single Crochet: Sc

Single Crochet Increase: Inc

Single Crochet Decrease: Sc2tog or Dec

Also Important:

There’s a right side and a wrong side to amigurumi. Watch this video to see how to flip it to the correct side.

I’m going to be frank with you though. . .I still crochet my amigurumi wrong side out beside I personally like how it looks better. But, shh, don’t tell anyone.

Now, Right-Handed Folks Can Watch These to Learn these Basic Amigurumi Stitches:

Left-Handed Folks Can Watch These: 

Finally, watch this video to learn how to finish off your amigurumi.

These are pretty much all of the basics that you will need to start crocheting amigurumi. Some patterns will call for Double Crochet and Half Double Crochet stitches, but these tutorials will provide you will a good basis to make most simple amigurumi patterns (which I will be writing about next week!).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and, if you’d like to check out Parts One and Two of my Beginner’s Amigurumi series you can find them at the links below:

Have fun crocheting!


4 thoughts on “Beginner’s Amigurumi ~ Part Three: The Stitches

  1. I also want to learn how to crochet amigurumi. Thanks for this series. I have all of the materials already due to a failed attempt a year or so ago. Thanks to the Magic Circle which wasn’t very magical for me. lol

  2. This is so cute. I have always wanted to try out crocheting, but have never quite find the time. I think I may just have to though, this is way to adorable to pass up.

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