My Summer To-Do List


I’m not a huge fan of Summer. Here, in Ohio, Summer tends to be muggy and bug-ridden. While some don’t seem to mind it, I find it tiresome–especially since my ancient, black car doesn’t have air conditioning and my skin burns easily.

This summer, though, I want to try to make the best of it. I usually let the summer get away from me since I prefer to spend it crocheting indoors, but, this year, I want to get out and do things.

Of course, because I’m me, I’ll not do anything unless it’s written on a list somewhere. I have one copy of “My Summer To-Do List” written in my handy dandy Hello Kitty journal, but I thought it was best to put it up here for all you to see (you know, so I can guilt myself into actually going out and doing something later).

My Summer To-Do List:

  • Get a shaggy pixie hair cut
  • Try gelato
  • Visit the baby Snow Leopards at the Zoo
  • Start writing in coffee shops again
  • Hear the Cleveland Orchestra in concert
  • Take Gertie out for ice cream
  • See Twelfth Night on stage
  • Get outside and take more pictures
  • Visit West Side Market
  •  See Guardians of the Galaxy

As you can see, I’m not super adventurous, but I always have wanted to be better about going to cultural events and exploring the cities around NE Ohio so this Summer should finally be the time I stop “wanting” to do these things and actually go out and give them a whirl.

So have you made a Summer To-Do List?


5 thoughts on “My Summer To-Do List

  1. Actually, this is a great idea. I always start the summer saying “oh yeah, I should do [blank] this year, then promptly forget about it and do the same stuff I do every year. Here’s to pixie cuts & snow leopards!!

  2. I should make a summer to-do list too… so far I know I just want to read more and I also want to go outside more…it’s so hot and muggy here in Florida though that as soon as you go out all you want to do is go back inside! Hope you take some pics of the snow leopards 🙂

  3. I do have a summer to-do list! Planning on posting it on the blog tomorrow. We have some similar to-do’s like going to see a special exhibit at the zoo and seeing more of our surrounding cities. 🙂

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