Stationery Haul 2.0


I’ve been buying stationery things again. Ever since I’ve started blogging again, I’ve found the urge for pretty stickers and notebooks and washi tape to be particularly irresistible. I think it’s from spending more time on Pinterest (looking for blogging inspiration) because I certainly don’t mind being distracted by snail mail and stationery-related pins.

Thanks to clearance sales and birthday gift cards and birthday gifts, I’ve been able to load up on some fun stationery things. So, without further ago, onto my most recent stationery haul!


I was in dreadful need of a pretty blog notebook and this Hello Kitty journal seemed perfect for the job. It was on clearance at Target for under three dollars so there was really no reason not to pick it up. I’ve been scribbling post ideas in it ever since I brought it home and I’m simply loving it.

I also picked up the yellow notebook at Target on clearance. It’s filled with post-it notes and to-do lists–both of which are perfect for me because I like keeping my goals for the week in some sort of orderly fashion.

Oh, and the pirate? That’s a peg leg pencil sharpener I got for my birthday. Isn’t it neat?


Now, onto my card making stuff. I’ve been making a lot of birthday cards lately so I had to stock up on stickers and washi tape with sweets on them.  (I’ve already made use of the cupcake washi tape–it’s absolutely adorable!) I also fell in love with a set of coffee stickers. I probably won’t be using these much before Fall sets in, but I had to pick them up anyway because they had a nice character about them.


Yes, I bought MORE cupcake stickers (there are a lot of family birthdays coming up) and also some animal stickers–just in case I need to make a card a non-birthday reason. The animals might look a bit babyish, but the elephant holding the monkey in its trunk sold me on this set. It’s just too cute.

Finally, how could pass up bacon washi tape? It was on clearance at Joann Fabrics for only a dollar! I haven’t found an excuse to use it yet, but I most definitely will.

Does anyone out there share my love of cute paper crafting supplies or nifty notebooks? If there are any places you find cool stationery stuff, please let me know.  I’m always on the lookout for those sorts of recommendations.



3 thoughts on “Stationery Haul 2.0

  1. That pirate pencil sharperner is too cute. I’ve got a bit of a stationery fetish, but have managed to hold off on buying new stationery for a while – I’m trying to use up some of my current stock before I splash out again!

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