Book Review ~ Love, Rosie


Love, Rosie is a book by many names. It’s been called Rosie Dunne and Where Rainbows End and it’s by Cecelia Ahern. I’ve only ever read one of her other books (P.S. I Love You), but I enjoyed it well enough not to be put off of this one.

I’m a particular sap for “Best Friends in Love” type romances so when I saw the teaser trailers for the film adaptation of Love, Rosie (starring Lily Collins and the super hunky Sam Claflin), I expected it was exactly the sort of thing I would like.

The basic plot is this: Life long friend, Rosie and Alex are in love with each other, but a series of misadventures and quirks of fate keep them from revealing the truth to each other. While living their separate lives on separate continents, they learn to live without each other, but, of course, neither of them are completely happy because they know, deep down, they’re meant to be together.

The plot reminded me A LOT of One Day by David Nicholls. Unfortunately, One Day is a much better book. The problem I had with Love, Rosie is that the plot became super frustrating about halfway through (there were one too many close calls of Rosie and Alex ALMOST getting together). It’s not like One Day in that way. In One Day, the plot never crosses over into frustration territory because neither Em or Dex are ready to be together through most of the story. The exact opposite is true with Love, Rosie. It’s so frustrating that Rosie and Alex are ready for each other but fate still keeps them apart. Love, Rosie isn’t so much about their journey to be ready for a relationship each other as it is about how much better their lives would have been if they had just been together in the first place. It wasn’t an uplifting story for me. It was actually quite aggravating.

This makes it sound like I didn’t like the book at all. I did like it, but mainly because I liked the characters of Alex and Rosie and really wanted them to be together. Both of them were interesting and relateable and likable.  Unfortunately, while I loved the characters, their story annoyed the heck out of me from time to time.

Still, I definitely want to see the movie (although I don’t know how it’ll work exactly because the book spans 40+ years), but the book’s not one I’m likely to reread. I’d much rather pick up One Day again–it’s a far less frustrating book even if it does have a sad ending.

I would recommend reading Love, Rosie if you have a lot of patience for close calls or if you’re like me and don’t like watching movies when you haven’t read their book adaptations. Of course, if either of those things don’t apply to you, I’d recommend trying One Day instead or even Cecelia Ahern’s other popular book, P.S. I Love You (the book is MUCH better than the movie, f.y.i.).

And, if you missed the teaser trailers here’s one( and it actually includes scenes from the book):


Do you have a favorite type of relationship in books and movies? Or, maybe, a favorite love story of all time? Do share!


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