North Carolina Vacation Swag


Yesterday, I posted about my time at the Biltmore Estate, but today comes a more important topic: VACATION SWAG! I’m not normally one to show off all my cool stuff, but I had a lot of fun shopping on this trip so I thought I might as well share some of my awesome finds with you.

First and foremost, I was on the lookout for postcards everywhere we went. I have a couple of pen pals (thanks to IGGPPC) and I’ve always wanted to send them postcards. Unfortunately, you can’t find postcards ANYWHERE in NE Ohio.  Thankfully, the same is not true of North Carolina. I bought postcards from Biltmore Estates, the White Squirrel Festival, and the Carl Sandburg House. Now, I’m all stocked up for the future.


Another must buy for me was some white squirrel swag for my grandma and cousin. My grandma hates squirrels so I’ve made it my duty to give her something squirrel-related every birthday and holiday. I absolutely had to get her something at the squirrel festival and I found a fun mug that I hope she’ll like (MUHAHAHAHA!). Since my cousin’s birthday passed while we were away on vacation, I wanted to buy her a souvenir to go with her present. I settled on squirrel soap because what 18 year old doesn’t need squirrel soap? (It’s eyes may or may not look a little evil. Oops.)


That’s right. More White Squirrel Festival memorabilia! I love stuffed animals and this little furry friend was too cute to pass up. If you’re ever in Brevard, NC, you should totally check out the White Squirrel Shoppe. That’s where I found all of this awesome, squirrel stuff.


We stayed in Flat Rock and there was this cute, miscellany shop in town called The Wrinkle Egg. I found this awesome robot watch there.  I’ve been looking for an adorable, kids watch for some time (I have tiny wrists) and this one totally spoke to me. Isn’t it cute?


Last but not least: TEA! We visited Hendersonville one evening and found an awesome little shop that sold spices, flavored sugars and salts, and teas. My dad and I both picked out tea sampler sets and my mom picked out an espresso flavored sugar. I can’t wait to give all my teas a try. If I find a good one, I definitely give the heads up.

What sort of things do you love buying on vacation? Do you have a favorite souvenir of all time?


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