A Visit to Biltmore Estate


Most years, my parents and I go on a vacation, and, this year, we headed down south to North Carolina. I’ve never been this south before, and I was a bit unnerved to actually see a lizard in the wild (and snakes–more snakes than I approved of). Other than the lizard sighting, however, the vacation has been a lot of fun. Unsurprisingly, it rained A LOT (it always rains like crazy on all of our family vacations), but, at least, that served to make all the plants and grass and trees bright green and blooming.

We visited a couple different places, including the North Carolina Arboretum, a White Squirrel Festival, the Carl Sandburg House, and a couple small towns. My personal favorite place was the Carl Sandburg house. The tour was very informational and interesting and the grounds were beautiful. AND I got to pet a lot of baby goats–which, of course, was the biggest selling point for me.

The big event of our trip, however, was our trip to the Biltmore House.


I, truthfully, don’t know much about the Vanderbilts (Biltmore is their home). My strength has never been American history. Unfortunately, the tour of the grounds left me no more informed about them. I opted not to get the handheld audio tour because I thought it would distract from the house itself (and, on top of that, people looked silly carrying them around–it was like they had 90’s cellphones pressed to their ears). They didn’t really have many docents to answer questions, but those who were present in the various rooms had some good insights.

Still, even though I remain rather uniformed, I did find the house to be gorgeous. I loved seeing the indoor pool and changing rooms especially, but my favorite room had to be the library with it’s spiral staircase, books, and rolling ladders.


The scenery around the Biltmore House was also very lovely. There were rolling hills, gardens, and woods. I’m not a huge garden or flower person, but there were some very pretty trees and walkways around the house proper.



After finishing with the house and gardens, we headed to the winery and farm. I saw a blacksmith making a leaf keychain at the farm. I didn’t get too close to the action because I didn’t like the look of all the sparks and flames, but the end product was very beautiful.

My favorite part of the farm area had to be seeing a two day old goat. It was so cute and awkward and little.


There were two week old goats too and chickens and horses. While my mom and I nearly got attacked in the face by a flying chicken, my dad made friends with a baby goat (I was very jealous). I only got to pet one goat here (unlike the plethora I petted at the Carl Sandburg home),  but it was a very cute goat so that was okay.

I also experienced my first wine tasting at Biltmore and, also technically, my first taste of wine. There was only one wine I tasted that actually liked. Most alcohol is way too bitter for my taste, but the Biltmore House Wine was sweet and not too strong.


I was very proud of myself for not spitting out some of the stronger wines. The Rose’ was really, really tough to swallow. My dad though braved a very dry red wine, but my mom and I just stuck with the sweeter whites.  I may not have liked most of what I tried but I had a lot of fun all the same.

Overall, Biltmore was a neat place to visit, and it will definitely be a part of what makes this North Carolina adventure memorable.

Have you ever visited a historical house?  I love visiting them (I’ve even interned in one) and my absolute favorite (so far) is Monticello.


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