Nerdy Crochet ~ Fingerless Gloves Round-up


I wear fingerless gloves year round, and I’m particularly partial to wearing them when I crochet. (I’ve found that they help me keep my wrists at a better angle so my hands don’t cramp so much.) I have two pairs–one I made in high school that are very loosely inspired by Rose Tyler’s in “Doomsday” (basically, they’re purple) and another bright orange pair that I’ve made more recently.

Two pairs, however, is hardly enough.

If you’re like me and love fingerless gloves or if you would like to try making your first pair, I found some patterns that might be worth trying out (the medieval texting gloves are definitely on my to-do list). All of the patterns here are free and most are available through Ravelry (I highly recommend joining this site if you haven’t already).

So, are you ready to keep your wrists warm and mittens fingerless? If so, here’s the rundown. . .

Nerdy Fingerless Gloves

  • The Hobbit Fingerless Gloves for Guys ~ Inspired by the dwarves. I’ve made one of these, and it came out really great. If you’re a lady making a pair for yourself, just take off about two to four stitches from the width and they should fit you just fine.
  • Dalek Inspired Fingerless Mittens ~ If you love Doctor Who and can’t knit a pair of Rose’s arm warmers, this is a good pattern for you to try.
  • Penny’s Wristwarmers from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog ~ Her gloves are knitted, but I was happy to finally find a crochet pattern for them. If you are a knitter, there’s (what appears to be) a great pattern for them in Knits for Nerds, but if you’re a hooker, this is just the thing for you.
  • Iron Man Fingerless Gloves ~ Embrace your inner superhero with these puppies.
  • Mermaid Fingerless Mittens ~ Mermaids are not my mythical creature of choice, but these look pretty nifty.
  • Link Gauntlets ~ I had Legend of Zelda for my Nintendo, but I could never figure out what was going on enough to actually play it. I know people are tremendously fond of Link though so here’s something for the more game savvy among you.

Do you like fingerless gloves? And more importantly what do you like calling them best? Arm warmers, wrist warmers, fingerless mittens, or fingerless gloves? (So many names for so simple a thing!)


6 thoughts on “Nerdy Crochet ~ Fingerless Gloves Round-up

  1. I wear fingerless gloves all the time as well. They’re just so comfy and they look good. I recently lost my favourite pair while travelling. Seeing this makes me want to make my own ones!

  2. I want to make a bunch of these. I use them to cover my wrist braces I wear on both arms. I want to make the more video game style ones, like Link’s Gauntlet! 😀 Thanks~!

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