Graphic Novel Review ~ iZombie


I’m sort of a nerd about Horror. I don’t like the splattery, gory stuff, but I love a good horror-related show or gothic literature or really dark fantasy.

Okay, basically, I like things with monsters.

When I heard about The CW’s iZombie , I was very interested. Mostly because it has David Anders in it, but also because it’s possible that it might be the show that brings back fun, awesome horror to The CW.

It’s been awhile since either Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries have been any good so it’s about time that a new show arrived to take their place.

Because of the iZombie show, I decided to pick up the graphic novel (by Chris Robertson) that the show will be based on and, I have to say, I’m impressed.

iZombie was a lot of fun. The plot and characters reminded me a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but not in a derivative way. (There was never a point where I felt like the writer was lifting something directly from Buffy. It’s just that the type of story he was telling was very similar.)

The basic plot is this: Gwen is a zombie. Her best friends are Ellie the Ghost and Spot the Were-Terrier. Gwen works as a gravedigger so she can eat the brains of the recently deceased. When she eats the brains, she gets some of the dead person’s memories. To get the person’s consciousness to pass through her system, she helps them complete their unfinished business. Her greatest fear is becoming a true monster by having to kill to survive. So far, she’s found a way around eating a living person’s brains, but there are other more experienced monsters in the world who are trying to get her to give into her hunger.

This is basically the idea behind the first two volumes. Once you get beyond that, things go crazy—in a good way. I don’t want to spoil anything though. Just trust me when I say that it gets even better as you go along.

The series is short—only four volumes—and I wish there was more. I guess that might be what a TV show would be good for in this instance because I definitely hope that they will spend more time with Gwen (or Liv as the character’s been renamed) and her solving of unfinished business.

If it’s done right, I think iZombie will make a fantastic TV show. It was such a blast to read that I’m sure it could be equally fun to watch. Here’s hoping that The CW will see its potential. . .

If you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, or Sleepy Hollow, this is a great series for you to try out. I highly recommend it.


6 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review ~ iZombie

  1. I usually roll my eyes at yet another zombie movie or TV show because they’re all more or less the same: morally ambiguous decisions for the last remaining survivors to decide upon while running away from the zombie horde. But this sounds like a great refresher that hopefully injects some life (pun intended?) into the zombie genre on TV!

    What I REALLY want to see on the small screen is something like Jericho but more with a feel from the Fallout series. I think we’re all ready for some post apocalyptic fun that has dark humor in it!

    1. Post-Apocalyptic shows do always take themselves waaay too seriously. I would have loved it if Revolution or Under the Dome had a sense of humor. Maybe someone will finally realize that’s what’s missing in a lot of these “survivor” type shows.

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