Favorite Fall TV Previews (So Far)


The last couple of years have been lacking in exciting, new TV shows, but this fall is looking pretty good in my opinion. All of my favorite shows (excepting The Crazy Ones) have been renewed and there seems to be a plethora of interesting new shows picked up.

I might actually be watching more than three shows on any given week. Hurrah!

While I’m still “patiently” waiting for the previews of iZombie and The Flash, I’ve found a few other previews that have gotten me enthused for the season to come.

Here are my favorites:

1. Constantine (NBC)


It’s been awhile since I’ve watched Supernatural regularly, but I still miss it’s epic good vs. evil story and flawed yet lovable characters. I’ve been hoping something might come on that could fill the place left by the good seasons of Supernatural and Constantine looks like it might just be it.

There’s angels, a cute guy in a trench coat, and all sorts of monsters and dead things on the loose. Also, there’s Maid Marian from Robin Hood (which is awesome) and Michael and Daniel from Lost. It all looks like something that’s right up my alley.

2. Galavant (ABC)


Truthfully, I thought the concept of this show meant it would NEVER get ordered to series. But it did and it looks like everything I’ve ever wanted in a TV show.

As much as I enjoyed the last half a season of Once Upon a Time, I’ve always wished it was sillier. Well, Galavant is a fantasy/fairy tale show that definitely embraces the silliness of it’s concept.

And it’s a musical. By Alan Menken!

This show will probably get cancelled quickly, but based on the preview, I expect to love it fervently while it survives.

3. Gotham (Fox)


Baby Batman characters. That’s all I needed to fall in love with this show and the preview definitely delivers in that department. (Don’t they look so cute and little?)

I’m not sure how much I’ll care about the crime drama aspect of this show. As a rule, I only like British crime shows, but hopefully, with the added bonus of Batman characters, I’ll be able to get into the overall storyline of Gotham.

Yeah, and I think we might need to start a support group for those of us who are attracted to young Penguin.

Have you seen any previews you’ve liked? I think Selfie and Hieroglyph also show some promise, and, while Wayward Pines isn’t my kind of thing, I do admit the preview looked interesting.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Fall TV Previews (So Far)

  1. Yep, I’m definitely going to have to check out all of these shows. I must’ve been living under a rock because this is the first I heard about Constantine, and I loved the movie with Keanu Reeves!

    Gotham was already on my list, because I’m a sucker for a different part of the superhero stories. 🙂

  2. Constantine has been in development I just sort of assumed it would never happen, but that trailer actually has me very intrigued. And Gotham looks uber cool, although I kinda wish they’d done a Gotham PD adaptation (which was basically the comic book version of the show Homicide with Batman thrown in as a minor character).

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