Arrow Inspired Fashion

The Arrow
Tomorrow night’s the finale of Arrow. I’m kinda excited and kinda dreading it. Last week’s episode had me giggling during a lot of it–which I don’t think was the desired reaction (some of poor Laurel’s lines were just awful). I’m hoping the finale will be better, but I truthfully doubt it will since it will have both Lance girls in it (I can handle one or the other, but both is too much). Still, I hope there will be some good Olicity moments and that Roy will finally be back up and fighting (I’ve been missing his sass since the whole coma thing).

To drum up some more excitement in myself for the finale, I thought I’d make up some outfits based on the various characters’ styles. I really wanted to do Team Arrow fashion, but Diggle’s clothing is so nondescript that I just couldn’t come up with anything for him. Instead, I decided to make outfits for The Arrow, Felicity, and Sara.


Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak by melissa-prange featuring hoop earrings

Sara Lance
Are you excited for the Arrow finale?

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