Favorite Nerdy Girls from TV

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As much as I love lady action heroes, I can’t identify much with most of them. Sure, Buffy is awesome, but I can’t really put myself in the shoes of someone who loves going dancing at the Bronze and trading witting and spontaneous banter with baddies.  (I’m more like Giles than anyone in the Buffyverse.  Sitting home with a good book and a cup of tea while the youths are out having fun is much more my speed.)

That’s why I love it whenever I find nerdy girls in shows. They are the characters I most identify with because they love books and computers and have the tendency to say some really awkward things.

They are my people, and it’s great when that type of character is given the chance to be a hero because it’s not fair when only the witty, popular girls get to save the day or be the star.

My Favorite TV Nerd Girls

charlie bradbury
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  1. Charlie Bradbury ~ I don’t watch Supernatural anymore EXCEPT when Felicia Day’s guest starring. I absolutely adore Charlie because she’s this glorious larping nerd who is totally capable under pressure. She’s saved the day on more than one occasion and become Dean’s best friend (which gives all nerd girls hope, I think). She’s the best female character to come out of Supernatural ever and she’s probably one of my favorite female characters of all time because she’s just so neat and likes The Hobbit.

    Source: TVFanatic
    Source: TVFanatic
  2. Felicity Smoak ~ Sometimes, I think Felicity is the only reason I still watch Arrow. Oliver is such an idiot that he definitely needs someone clever like Felicity in his life. On MANY occasions, she is the sole source of reason for Team Arrow, and I love that she’s given the chance to be Ollie’s counselor when things get tought.  I adore Felicity Smoak because she represents the type of character many of the fangirls in the audience could actually picture themselves being in the Arrow Universe.  (She better not ever die.)

    rory gilmore
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  3. Rory Gilmore ~ I knew Rory was awesome the moment she confessed she takes a book with her wherever she goes. (This is me. I always have to have a purse big enough to fit a book in.) Rory is a great heroine because she’s smart, bookish, and overall nerdy.  It’s still rare for teen shows to have a character like this as their lead (or at all), and I’m glad for all the nerdy teenage girls out there that she existed because she showed that being bookish isn’t such a bad thing.

    summer glau
    Source: www.summer-glau.net
  4. Orwell ~ She is proof that nerdy girls can hack computers as well as kick butt. Summer Glau played Felicity’s predecessor in The Cape. The two characters are kinda similar in that they are both the hacker tech support for the hunky superhero on whom they have a crush. I will admit that I like Orwell better than Felicity, but only because she is given her own agenda and can beat people up in heels. Hopefully, someday Felicity will be given the opportunity to do the same.

    Source: sydneyandvaughn.tumblr.com
    Source: sydneyandvaughn.tumblr.com
  5. Sydney Bristow ~ Remember when Syd was getting her Masters degree in English Literature? I started watching Alias right when I started on my own English degree and I thought it was so cool that this super spy also loved literature and thought that her education was very important.  It’s easy to forget how smart Syd was (she’s definitely the smartest incarnation of Nikita), and I love it that she got to be this nerdy superwoman—a type of butt-kicking heroine who’s much more relatable to a girl like me than Buffy or Echo.

Are there any nerdy girl characters that you love?


12 thoughts on “Favorite Nerdy Girls from TV

    1. I forgot about Bones and Chloe. (It’s been so long since I watched either of those shows.) I did think about including Willow, but it sort of annoys me that she seemed to want to distance herself from her nerdyness in the later seasons of Buffy. I really don’t think she liked being thought of as a nerd.

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