Piemaker Projects ~ Knitting and Crochet Patterns for Pushing Daisies Fans

Pushing Daisies
Source: Strawburry17.com

The first time I watched Pushing Daisies, I was extremely upset because my dog had just died.  Since TV has always been an escape for me, I was hoping the show would offer a welcome break from all that sadness.  Unfortunately, within the first few moments of the first episode, the main character’s dog dies.  I about had a heart attack. Thankfully–THANKFULLY–the show quickly got happy and quirky enough to knock that shock out of my mind and make me laugh.

Pushing Daisies has been one of my favorite shows for ever after, and, as with all my other favorite shows, I like to craft/bake/etc. to show my love for it.  Since Emerson Cod is a knitter himself, I thought it would be inspiring look to the needle arts for Pushing Daisies-esque crafts to share with all of you (and add to my to-do list).  Although there aren’t many patterns directly inspired by Pushing Daisies available, I managed to find a few free ones that I think reflect the character and quirkiness of the show.

The Projects:

  • Ned’s Scarf ~ This is one of the few inspired patterns I could find. It’s a knitted scarf based on the one Ned wore in “Corpsicle.” I  would love to make it but I’m hopeless at knitting. Those of you with more skills than I are encouraged to try this pattern out though. (Please tell me how it goes!)
  • Pig Amigurumi ~ With this pattern, you can make your own personal Pigby because, let’s face it, we’re all more like Olive than Chuck seeing as our love for Ned will never be returned.  (Sigh.)
  • Cherry Pie Hot Pad ~ For when you’re playing “The Piemaker” yourself.
  • Daisy Chain Headband ~ Flower crowns might be more of a Hannibal sort of thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your Pushing Daisies/Bryan Fuller pride by wearing a crocheted flower crown of daisies.
  • Beehive Tea  Cozy ~ Get in touch with your inner urban honey pioneer with this cozy.  I know I would love to have a Pushing Daisies inspired tea with a beehive cozy being one of the decorations. Unfortunately, this is a knitting pattern so, you know, if you want to make me one I wouldn’t say no.  If not, I might be able to work out a crochet pattern for it myself.  🙂

Do you like to show your love of TV shows/books/movies/etc. through crafts? Have you made anything nifty that was inspired by a fandom?

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7 thoughts on “Piemaker Projects ~ Knitting and Crochet Patterns for Pushing Daisies Fans

  1. All the time! One of my favorite projects (which I’ve made a few of already) is based on the hat Simon Pegg wears in the first Star Trek movie. And of course I need to make myself a Jayne hat. And Gir hat. And…well, you get the point. Haha!

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