My #GeekSpace



The Princess and The Geek recently blogged about her geek space and invited others to do the same.  Since I’m a rather geeky person (no surprise there), I wanted to join in.  I had a bit of trouble deciding what “space” to pick at first because both my office and my bedroom are pretty geeky.  I decided to go with my bedroom though.  I feel it’s decorations are a bit more representative of me (AND I didn’t want to inflict my Lord of the Rings hobbit cutout on you–the Frodo is just plain creepy).  In my bedroom, I have a Labyrinth poster on the wall and a couple Star Wars toys on my desk, but my geekiest stuff all sits on two of my bookshelves.

Tour time!

Here are my bookshelves.  They house mostly books I’ve read (I have a bookshelf in my office for unread books), and a lot of my handmade, stuffed geekery.


My white bookshelf holds the amigurumi I made in high school and college. There’s an Adipose, Rose, the 10th Doctor, Donna, and Captain Jack from Doctor Who, and, weirdly, Spike from Buffy is hanging with them (he has brown eyes because apparently I’m not very observant).

geekspaces1Next shelf down is the first plushie I ever made–a kawaii creamsicle–and the Ewok I got at Disney World.  Together, they manage to block my Jane Austen collection from view, but it’s okay because I would never forget where I placed my copies of Emma or Pride and Prejudice anyway.

geekspaces2On my other shelf, I have a metal suit of armor and a stuffed Webkinz owl. I want to say I called the owl Hedwig, but it’s more likely I named it after a television character.  I can’t remember now.

geekspaces4Finally, our tour stops with two more plushies I made. The little one is Dr. Horrible and the larger one is Castiel from Supernatural. I can’t truthfully tell you what inspired me to turn these two characters in particular into cats, but there you have it. Oh, and you can also just make out a portion of my Harry Potter collection. I have all of the books in paperback but only a couple in hardback (I was late to the party). My aunt did give me a collection of the British copies for Christmas though. They’re behind the cats.

geekspaces3And that’s it. I mean I do also have a plushie Gollum and my copy of Litwit on my bookshelves, but I don’t want to bore you with too many pictures.

So, do you have any #GeekSpaces in your home?


5 thoughts on “My #GeekSpace

  1. Love it! Love your book shelves and all your plashes (especially the Dr Horrible Cat!) I’m useless when it comes to reading. I have so many books and most of them are un-read or half read! I really should get onto that 😀

    1. I started sewing plushies last year. Basically, I saw cute toys online and tried to make them myself. I’m not horribly good at sewing, but it’s a fun hobby so I keep doing it.

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