My Five Favorite Short-Lived TV Shows

Short-Lived TV Shows

There are plenty of shows that have gotten cancelled before their time. Unfortunately, since I have the habit of gravitating toward quirky, out-the-box shows, many of my favorites fall into that category.  If you want to share in the pain of loving a short-lived show, please watch each of these five favorites and commiserate with me.

Oh, and, by the way, there will be no Firefly on this list.

My Five Most Beloved Short-Lived Shows:


1. Wonderfalls ~This show is my absolutely favorite show of all time. It only lasted for half a season, but it’s really complete in and of itself. Jaye is kinda sorta my spirit animal and, on top of that, it has Lee Pace and is written by the lovely, magnificent, brilliant, etc., etc., Bryan Fuller.

Pushing Daisies

2. Pushing Daisies ~ While it’s my third favorite Bryan Fuller show (Hannibal and Wonderfalls being my absolute faves), Pushing Daisies is still absolutely fabulous. Again, it has Lee Pace and also Kristin Chenoweth (she sings!). As with all Bryan Fuller shows, there are plenty of absolutely priceless lines (since this show I can’t just say “Killer,” it’s always “Killa Killa”) and unforgettably weird deaths. While it may not have a completely satisfying ending, Pushing Daisies isn’t ruined by it’s very rushed last episode.

Dollhouse TV

3. Dollhouse ~ Everyone complains about Firefly being cancelled too soon, but I’ve always cared more about the cancellation of Dollhouse. Besides Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, Dollhouse was my first introduction to Whedonverse.  While it might have been a shaky show at times, Dollhouse had a lot of really great things going for it  (fascinating concept, a-MA-zing characters, and hilarious dialogue).  If you can stick it out through the early episodes, you’ll find that Dollhouse is actually a good show.

Emily Owens MD

4. Emily Owens M. D. ~ Up front, I’ll tell you that I hated the ending. Still, the show was so cute and funny that I love it in spite of what happened.  If you’re socially awkward, nerdy, and like hunky dudes, you’ll definitely be able to commiserate with Emily’s travails. She’s one of the few TV characters that I see a lot of myself in and I wish I could have seen more of her story.  Emily Owens only lasted half a season, but you should really check it out if you’re a fan of shows like Hart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls.


5. The Cape ~ I did not expect to like this show at all. I thought it would be cheesy and stupid, but, it’s actually sweet and fun (it IS a bit cheesy, but in a good way). I think the real standouts in the show are the female characters.  Women don’t always get cool, fully developed characters in superhero shows (I’m look at you, Arrow), but Orwell and Dana are really well done. And then, of course, there’s hunky David Lyons as Vince. . .so yeah.  I highly recommend checking out The Cape.  The last episode doesn’t resolve everything, but it also isn’t a cliffhanger so I promise you won’t be left feeling too horribly frustrated by the ending.

Do you have a favorite show that ended too soon?


3 thoughts on “My Five Favorite Short-Lived TV Shows

  1. OMG someone who understands how awesome Wonderfalls was! I watched it las year during my Lee Pace obsession and it was so funny, and weird, and quirky! I was so disappointed it only lasted one season, but then I guess that’s when Bryan Fuller started work on Pushing Daisies, so I can’t complain much! Pushing Daisies drove my love for Lee Pace and Anna Friel, I honestly thought it was a Tim Burton series, the way the stories run, the narration, and the quirkiness!
    I have only seen a few episodes of Dollhouse, and really should watch more!! Joss Whedon!!

    1. Have you watched Dead Like Me? It was Bryan Fuller’s first show. I don’t like it as well as his others, but it is quirky and slightly morbid in a fun sort of way–like everything else he does.

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