Snail Mail ~ Stationery Haul

stationery haul

When I was younger, I loved making cards for people. I’d create monkey cards for my uncle and Lord of the Rings cards for my cousin. I’ve always enjoyed making things for people, but I’d gotten out of designing cards lately. This year, however, I’ve been inspired to try it again thanks to all of the cool Snail Mail-y stuff I’ve found on Pinterest.

Since Joann Fabrics and Michaels had good deals on paper supplies this week, I stocked up.  I got cards/envelopes, bakers twine, stickers, and washi tape. I’ve never used some of this stuff before, but I thought I might as well play around with it.  There are a lot of birthdays and holidays coming up (and there’s always my IGGPPC Pen Pals to write to) so I’m going to have a lot of practice.

Here are some close-ups of the neat stuff I found:


stationery haul washi tape

stationaryhaultwineWhile I like everything I found, I especially love the food and dinosaur stickers. I was disappointed though with Michaels and Joanns’ sticker selection overall (most were more for scrapbooking than card making).  Are there any shops (online or otherwise) that you would recommend for finding cute stickers?

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