Janeites Unite: Six Books About Jane Austen’s Biggest Fans


Have you seen Austenland?  I just watched it for the first time this week and I absolutely loved it.  I giggled through the whole thing, but my favorite part had to be Jane’s piano solo (if you haven’t seen it, don’t click on the link. Spoilers!) and her friend’s reaction to her creepy bedroom.  It was a lot of fun to see a Janeite in film.  I consider myself a Janeite, but I have to say I haven’t gone quite so far as Jane (no Darcy cut out for me).  I do, however, have a sort of thing about reading Jane Austen spinoffs, adaptations, and continuations in between my rereading of the original books and rewatching of all the adaptations.  In my forays into Austen-Verse, I’ve come across six decent books about fellow Janeites that I found entertaining.  You might want to check them out if you want some more fictional (and non-fictional) Janeites in your life but are worried that it’s too soon for you to watch Austenland or Lost in Austen again.  

  1. Austenland by Shannon Hale ~ If you haven’t read the book that the movie’s based on, here is your chance.  I do have to say, however, that the movie was a bit better than the book (gasp!).  I still think the book is fun and worth reading.
  2. The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler ~ Not all book clubs are winners, but when you find a club solely devoted to the works of Jane Austen, you know you’re, at least, going to be in good company.  (Watch the movie with Hugh Dancy too!)
  3. A Weekend with Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly ~ Comic Con’s great for those of us who love comics, film, and television, but where do Janeites go to celebrate their love of literature?  A Jane Austen convention, of course.
  4. Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler ~ What would you do if one morning you woke up in Jane Austen’s England?  Would you jump up and down ecstatically or be too terrified to get out of bed?  If you did manage to brave society, you might just run into your favorite author (and frighten her with your uncouth gushing about her novels).
  5. Among the Janeites by Deborah Yaffe ~ Not all Janeites are fictional.  Some, like ourselves, are flesh and blood.  Vicariously head to a real life Jane Austen convention with this book and prepare for a fair share of geeking out Regency style.
  6. All Roads Lead to Austen by Amy Smith ~ All of the previous books have been solely about American and British Janeites.  It’s about time to meet some fans who speak a language other than English.  Travel through Mexico and South America and meet people from a variety of social backgrounds and cultures.

Do you have any favorite Jane Austen adaptations, revisions, etc?  Have you actually been to a Jane Austen convention?  Do you have a favorite part of Austenland?  Please share!


7 thoughts on “Janeites Unite: Six Books About Jane Austen’s Biggest Fans

  1. Adding a few of these to my list of movies to watch/books to read. 🙂 I recently wrote my master’s thesis on how an Ancient Greek novel “influenced” Austen’s Emma, so it’s cool to see the other side of it.

  2. Pride and Prejudice is my second favorite book I’ve ever read. I love all of her stories & could completely relate to the show Lost In Austen. I’ll definitely have to check these out!

    Oh, and A Beautiful Mess is doing a book club this month you might be interested in. I decided to join because of the book. It’s Longbourn by Jo Baker. I haven’t started it yet, but from what I understand it’s the servants’ stories. Anything to feel a little closer to Austen’s characters. 🙂

  3. I’m not a huge fan of Jane Austen, but Austenland was hilarious! It was such a fun movie! I started watching it mainly because of Bret Mckenzie, but found myself enjoying the film a lot. I haven’t read any of Jane’s books, but have seen a few film versions (like Emma & Colin Firth version of Pride & Prejudice) and just didn’t think much of them… Jane Eyre on the other hand 😛

    1. It seems like most people either like the Brontes or Jane Austen. I like the melodrama of the Bronte sisters well enough, but I enjoy the wit of Jane Austen more. 🙂

      1. If I was to read Jane Austen, which book should I read first? I know Pride & Prejudice is probably the most well known, is that a good start? I really should add it onto my reading list 😀

      2. I would say start with either Pride and Prejudice or Emma. The other novels are good (although I’m not a huge fan of Sense and Sensibility), but I think those two are Jane Austen’s best and most all around likeable.

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