Make Your Own Dog Rope Toy!


If you’re like me, your friends and family aren’t the only ones you buy for during the holiday season.  I have two dogs–Gertie and Indy–and they love opening gifts at Christmas.  (Okay, Indy does.  Gertie would only really care about presents if we wrapped them in bacon.)  Sadly, my two furry friends are toy destroyers.  If you buy Indy a toy, it will be destroyed within two to ten minutes and, if we buy Gertie a toy, Indy will destroy it within two to ten minutes.  The only toys that seem to last around here are fleece tug toys.   Both dogs like playing with them and, because they don’t squeak, Indy doesn’t see the need to shred them.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find fleece tug toys in the store lately so, with Christmas coming, I decided to make them one.

I thought I’d share how I made mine because it was really, really easy and only took about fifteen minutes (it will probably take you less because I’m a dunce with scissors).  If your dogs are like mine and enjoy rope toys, this is something fun to make them for Christmas (or for their birthday or Valentine’s Day or whatever).

Materials Needed


  • Three Colors of Fleece (I’d say get at least a quarter of a yard to a half yard of each–depending on how many toys you’d like to make.  The remnants bin at your local craft store would be the perfect place to find what you need.)
  • Scissors and/or one of those rolling cutter things (as seen above)
  • A measuring device (A grafted cutting board like mine would work or, if you don’t have that, a measuring tape or just eyeballing it would work just fine.)


To start, cut four one inch wide strips in each color of fleece (twelve pieces altogether).  I started doing this with a rolling cutter but, for me, the scissors worked better.  F.Y.I, the pieces don’t have to be perfectly one inch so don’t worry about measuring too precisely.  If you just want to guess at the width, that’s quite alright.  And the fleece strips can be as long as you want them, but I made my strips 33 inches long and ended up with a two foot long toy.


After all the pieces are cut, stack them together based on color.


Now, it’s time to braid.  I, awkwardly, held the three colors together in one hand while braiding with the other.  It worked for me, but, if you can manage to braid them on a flat surface or across your lap, that means you’re better at visualizing spatially than me so go with it.


Once you’ve got your braiding done, tie knots at both ends of the rope.  Make sure all of the strips’ ends are pulled through the knot and are pulled tight.


Cut the strips’ ends to make everything even and you’re done!


All you have to do now is either give it to your dog to enjoy or wrap it up for Christmas!  Hope your doggies love it!


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