Gift Roundup: Star Wars Edition


It’s not quite last minute yet, is it?  There’s still plenty of time to get gifts for those you love.  Of course, sometimes it takes a little extra thought to get out of the box presents for people who aren’t impressed with sweaters, the latest best sellers, or jewelry (not every kiss begins with Kay).

This post will help you out a bit if you love people who love Star Wars.  The following gifts are “different” items that are (all excepting #1) inexpensive and fun.  I tried to find a wide range so, hopefully, if you need some ideas, this list will include something for the Star Wars fan in your life.  (Most items are for geared toward women, but not all.)

1. Vader A Line Dress


While it’s fun to think of wearing Her Universe’s Princess Leia hoodie or X-Wing dress, sometimes one just has an inexplicable need to express their inner dark side.  Can you here the Imperial March now? (You can find this rocking dress here.)

2. Funko Pop Star Wars Bobble: Jawa


I don’t know about you, but I find Jawas absolutely adorable.  This little guy, in particular, has the eyes to melt anyone’s heart AND he’s the perfect size to be a desk buddy for someone special in your life.  (Find him here for under ten bucks.)

3. Ewok Stitch Marker


Got a Star Wars fan in your life who’s also a knitter and/or crocheter?  They’ll definitely love Ewok stitch markers because these puppies are much more awesome to use for marking stitches than paper clips (which is what I use).  Find them on Etsy here!  The shop (The Lemonade Shop) also has Yoda, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, etc. stitch markers and crochet hooks.

4. Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Ring

hansoloringThis would be an excellent ring to wear with a Darth Vader dress, but, really, what doesn’t go with a Han Solo Carbonite Ring?  This might not be the happiest of Christmas presents but it could be one of the coolest.  Check it out on ohmygeekness’ Etsy!

5. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher

shakespeare's star wars

This baby was on my Christmas list this year.  If you have a individual in your life who loves Star Wars and the Classics, you can’t go wrong with this book.  IT IS FABULOUS!  Check it out on Quirk Books’ website and you can even find a local bookseller to purchase it from.

6. Star Wars Inspired Teas


Adagio offers fandom related tea blends, including a bunch of different Star Wars inspired brews.  Adagio teas are fabulous (my current favorite is Rooibos Vanilla Chai–it smells like Christmas!) and you can even make your own blend.  Here’s the link to the Chewbacca inspired “I’m a Laughing Fuzzball” blend (I’ve not tried it but the ingredients sound promising).  If you search their Fandom Blends section for Star Wars, however, you’ll find plenty more character inspired blends.  ALSO, watch out for coupons and deals.  Adagio always offers plenty of those.

7. Ewok Mug

ewokmugPuns and Ewoks?  Yes, please.  Notice too that this mug might just go well with some Star Wars tea or, I guess, plain, old coffee would work too.   You can find this on Etsy.  The shop also has some other geeky mugs, including LOTR and Princess Bride inspired ones.

8. Star Wars Stockings

starwarsstockingsThese are available in store at Target and make an amazing alternate way to wrap your Star Wars lover’s gifts for Christmas.

Do you have any Star Wars fans to buy for this year?  Did you find them anything truly awesome yet?  If so, please do share.  🙂


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