Shiny Hats



Crocheting used to be simply a hobby of mine, but since I started selling amigurumi on Etsy, the “hobby” aspect of crocheting has lessened.  It’s still fun, but it’s also a business.  Recently, though, I’ve found a way to make crocheting totally fun again.  I’ve been making hats. (GPOY ahead.)

The first hat I made was a Tardis hat beanie.  (I shared the pattern link on my Doctor Who crafting post last week.)  Before I made this hat, I’d only ever made a giant slouchy hat and a Jayne hat for my cousin.  I never had much patience for hat patterns before, but with this pattern, I realized that beanies are fairly easy all things considered.   I did, however, hate changing colors half way through rows though.  With crochet it’s really, really hard to get things to look right.


My second attempt at a beanie was a minimalist R2D2 hat that I designed myself.  I like simplistic look of it but it came out too big–even for me with my huge, curly hair.  I want to make a smaller version that might actually fit, but I’ll have to see when I can get to it.  (I hate making things more than once.  I just don’t have that sort of patience.)


My third hat is the one I’m most proud of because I finally figured out how to do the hidden rows thing with it!  Woohoo!  Before, I did spiraling when I worked in rounds.  For some reason, it took me over ten years to figure this out.  Sadly, it’s not that hard.  I designed this earflap hat because I knew there was no way I would ever wear that scoodie Ewok hat outside of my house.  An earflap hat is more my speed.


Finally, a Jayne hat!  I combined two patterns to make this hat because I didn’t like the crocheted patterns I found on Ravelry.  It came out better than the first Jayne hat I made (Sorry, Cousin).  I love that I finally figured out an easier way to make a pompom.  It was such a pain to use one of those cardboard circle things.  I just wrap yarn around my fingers a bunch of times and the pompom comes out perfectly.  Easy Peasy.


Obviously, I really do love making hats now after I figured out all the hard bits (Hidden rows!  Easy pompoms!  And to a lesser degree, tapestry crochet!).  It’s so fun, and it helps that they’re just quick enough to crochet that I don’t want to scream halfway through (like I want to do when making blankets or, actually, anything that takes longer than three hours to finish).

Have you crocheted hats before? (Or knitted or sewn or whatever?)  And have you ever had incomprehensible brain blocks about certain things?  Like hidden rows?  I can’t be the only one, right?

Oh, and sorry for all the pictures of myself.  I did just figure out how to take selfies with my camera so, you know, gotta practice my new skills.


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