Crafting is Cool: Five Doctor Who Accessories to Make for the 50th Anniversary


The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is coming and it’s coming to theaters!  Have you bought your tickets?  Picked out your outfit?  If you’re like me, you want to dress up for the showing but have no elaborate cosplays in your closet.  While I’d love to dress up as a Doctor or companion, I don’t have the time or money to get an outfit together.  I’m not giving all up as lost though because I’ve found that one of the more fun ways to show fandom spirit is to deck yourself out in homemade accessories and crafts.  There are actually tons of Doctor Who accessories that you can make to add to a theater-going outfit but some take days or weeks to fashion (Tom Baker scarves, anyone?).  Here I’ve collected five simple and easy accessories that you can make to show off to your Doctor Who spirit.

  1. Crocheted Tardis Hat ~ Want to be “Sexy” for the showing?  Crochet a Tardis hat and have an excuse for making “vworps” in public.  The pattern’s fairly easy and you can adjust it as you want (I made my hat minus the earflaps because earflaps and huge, curly hair do not always mix).
  2. 11th Doctor Inspired Bowtie Necklace ~ Bowties are cool.   Make this adorable bowtie as a necklace, headband, actual bowtie, or all three and bask in your coolness.
  3. Rose Tyler’s Wrist Warmers ~ If you knit, Rose’s wrist warmers can be an elegant addition to your 50th Anniversary wear.  Best yet, they are also handy for soaking up all of those inevitable Moffat-induced tears.
  4. Doctor Who Quote Scarf ~ There are plenty of gorgeous quote scarves available on Etsy, but if you’d like to Doctor Who-ize your own, here’s an easy how-to.  Of course, instead of writing poems and literature quotes, you can add your favorite Doctor quotes and doodle a Tardis or two.
  5. Plush Banana ~ Always bring a banana to a party.

Do you have any dress-up plans for the 50th anniversary or any cool Doctor Who crafts you’d like to share?


5 thoughts on “Crafting is Cool: Five Doctor Who Accessories to Make for the 50th Anniversary

    1. I’m going to wear my TARDIS hat to the premiere! The hat was actually really quick to make. I’m thinking of making another with earflaps just for fun. (That’s is, of course, if I can bring myself to stitch on the words “Police Box” again. I had a bit of trouble with that.)

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