Snow Dogs


Last night, we had the first snow of the season.  The trees and yard look really beautiful right now, and the doggies had some fun wandering around in the snow this morning (even little Gertie, who hates winter, was running and sniffing up scents).


Gertie usually hates winter because she’s so short and has to wear a coat when the snow gets deep, but today, she had seemed to like the snow more than usual.   She was so bustly that I had trouble getting a picture of her because she wouldn’t stop moving and sniffing and running along.


Indy didn’t seem to enjoy himself quite as much as Gertie–mainly because he got obsessed with figuring out what was hiding in the blueberry bushes (the answer is probably nothing).  Gertie was barking at him and hopping around wanting to play but he just wasn’t paying attention.  Usually, things are the other way around with him wanting to play her and her wanting to sleep.  He should have taken the opportunity to play when he had the chance since she’ll probably be out cold from her exertion for the rest of the day.


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