Book Haul!


Last night was the first day of the Library Book Sale!  For a book geek like me, library book sales are like Christmas–particularly last night’s sale because I always find tons of awesome books for really cheap.  This year, I got all of these books (and one DVD) for less than fifteen dollars.

My favorite finds of the night included three Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels, a book on the language of flowers with pretty illustrations and poems, and an usual cover of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.


Several years ago, I studied the language of flowers for an exhibit I was helping prepare at a local history house museum.  I enjoyed making flower arrangements based on the language so I wish excited to find a book about it that I could have for my very own.   The cover claims the book is scented, but I couldn’t really tell.  Still, it’s very pretty little guide and will look nice being displayed on one of my shelves.


Confession: I collect odd copies of Jane Austen novels.  While I mainly collect Pride and Prejudice, I still will pick up an unusual copy of one of her other novels when I find it.  I was tickled to find this edition of Persuasion.  Anne’s outfit on this cover is pretty priceless.  My mom said she looked like Mary Poppins, and I have to agree.  She’s not exactly wearing a Regency era gown on this romance-novel-esque cover.


It was a great night at the book sale.  I was a bit giddy afterwards and, now, I can’t wait to get started reading some of my finds.  (I am dreading finding space on my shelves for all of these though.  My floors are going to be lined with books again, I’m afraid.)

Do you go to library book sales?  What are some of your favorite finds?


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