Doctor Who: Dreams of Bookish Crossovers


The Doctor’s had run-ins with famous authors, historical figures, and creatures from myths, but wouldn’t it be awesome if he could actually meet up with your favorite fictional characters too.  I’ve always had a bit of a thing for watching crossover videos on Youtube.  I love the whole what-if factor.  What if the Doctor met Sherlock Holmes or if he enlisted Dean Winchester as a companion?  It’s just nifty to consider the endless possibilities.  There are plenty of characters from literature and fiction that I’d love to see meet the Doctor (there are tons from TV too, but I’ll try to limit myself for today).  He might never get to meet them but it’s fun to dream.

Here’s a list of my top five dream companions from fiction: 

Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey ~ The idea of Jane Austen getting a visit from the Doctor always sends me into fangirl flailings but, failing the author herself, the second best Austenite companion would be Catherine Morland.  Catherine Morland’s obsession with Gothic literature and her lurid day dreams would make her a humorous and adventurous sort of companion.  She’d be a bit like Clara, I imagine, but with a penchant for visiting “haunted” mansions and letting her imaginations run away with her.

Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit ~ Hobbits don’t like adventure, but I think a trip on the Tardis would do Bilbo just as much good his trip to the Misty Mountains did.  He would be the type to run and hide, at first, but, eventually, you know he’d be running into danger like the rest of the Doctor’s companions.   I think it would be funny to see the Doctor deal with a less enthusiastic companion for once because while Bilbo might secretly like excitement and danger, he wouldn’t dare let the Doctor know it.

Meg Murray from A Wrinkle in Time ~ Already having saved the world and traveled through time, Meg would be more experienced than most of the Doctor’s companions.  She’s already brave and intelligent, but with the Doctor, she’d have plenty more opportunities to work on her self-confidence.  We can hope too that if she traveled with the Doctor they might very well find help for Charles Wallace.  Two eccentric geniuses working together have to be better than one.

Tiffany Aching from Wee Free Men ~ Terry Pratchett’s young witch is resourceful, smart, and talented.  She’s also had to deal with a number of difficult older witches and magical threats so she would be more than capable of handling the Doctor.  I think he’d be impressed that one so young is so capable.  He’d also enjoy traveling through Discworld with her.  I have a feeling he might take her to pet the elephants or feed the turtle lettuc.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter ~ While there are plenty of Harry Potter characters I’d like to see with the Doctor, I think Hermione would get the most out of such an adventure.  (Ron, of course, would be her Mickey.)     Hermione would love learning about all the new and fascinating places that the Doctor would take her and she wouldn’t shirk from danger.  As she also has experience with time travel, she’d get the whole “There are some things you can’t change” issue that some of the companions have difficulty with.  Also, as the Doctor is a fan of Harry Potter, he’d obviously be a bit of a fanboy around her which would be awesome.

Are there any fictional characters that you think would make excellent companions?  Have you made any crossover fanvids (NEED MORE! PLEASE SHARE!)?  Or written any crossover fics?  FYI, you can check out my Pride and Prejudice/Doctor Who crossover fanfiction here.

(The awesome art at the top comes from here.)


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Dreams of Bookish Crossovers

  1. Nice little P&P story with Jack – it was a fun read! I’ve an idea for a Jane Austen crossover, but it’s in such an early stage that it’s not worth mentioning. I’m not much of an author (wrote one story, only showed it to friend).

    The story I’d like to see is the Doctor meeting Arthur Dent, as he mentions knowing him in “The Christmas Invasion.” I have an outline for that story but haven’t gotten around to trying to write it.

    1. Arthur Dent! I’d love to see what he and the Doctor would get up to. If you write the fic, please share the link. I think Doctor Who and Douglas Adams work well together. 🙂

      1. Sure! Don’t hold your breath, though. 🙂 The story I have outlined is a very short story (mostly conversation), but I would love to see a longer adventure with the Doctor getting into some silly trouble with the whole crew of the Heart of Gold.

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