Star Wars Wish List


Once I heard J. J. Abrams was directing (and now writing) the new Star Wars trilogy, all of my hopes for the movies disappeared.  It’s not that I hate J. J. Abrams movies per say.  I just hate his overall approach to storytelling.  (See his “Mystery Box” TED video.)  So, with J. J. directing the main trilogy, all of my hopes and dreams are now resting on the stand alone movies.  The possibilities for these stand alones are endless, but there are, at least, four characters/creatures/eras that I really, really want to be featured.

Wish List for Star Wars Stand Alones

Obi Wan Kenobi ~ After reading Kenobi by John Jackson Miller, I wanted to know more about my favorite character’s interim years on Tatooine.  Scifi Westerns are (almost) always awesome and Tatooine’s such an interesting and dangerous place that it would be cool to have it explored for an entire film.  Of course, I’d take an Obi Wan film regardless of whether it is set before Phantom Menace or after Revenge of the Sith.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him and Qui Gon doing their Jedi thing together before Anakin comes into the picture.  I’d rather see older Obi Wan though (in part because I love Ewan McGregor but also because the aftermath of Anakin’s “death” would make for some excellent drama).  Unfortunately, my dream Obi Wan film wouldn’t be action heavy so I doubt my ideal Obi Wan film would happen.  All the same though, he’s the character that I most want to see return to the big screen.

Han Solo ~ Or, more specifically, a film about young(er) Han Solo.  I don’t know that there is any reason to state my “whys” for wanting this movie because I expect everyone knows Han Solo is awesome and you can never have enough of him.   My dream Han film would be about his smuggler days, have a hefty dose of Jabba and Chewbacca, and a lot of snark.  I haven’t delved into Han Solo-related EU yet so I don’t know what’s cannon, but then again, I don’t really care what the potential movie is about because I imagine it would be very difficult to get a Han Solo movie wrong.  Casting would be the biggest issue, of course.  For some reason, I have Matt Davis stuck in my head as a young Han Solo. I have a feeling, however, that some fool casting director would choose Chris Pine for the role.  My dream Han Solo movie would not have Chris Pine as Han.

(Something about Matt Davis just feels Han Solo-y. And, plus for casting him, you just know he’d write awful Han/Chewbacca slash fics.)

 Dawn of the Jedi ~ I’ve picked up a couple different Star Wars graphic novels, but Dawn of the Jedi was the series that most excited me.  It was fascinating to see how the Jedi became Jedi and I’d love to see all of that in a film.  The actual storyline doesn’t really matter to me so much as it being set during the early years on Tython.

Ewoks ~ When I was little, I was terrified of everything Star Wars-related EXCEPT the Ewok movies.  I love Ewoks.  I want more Ewoks.  My need for childhood nostalgia must be satisfied. (Provided, of course, the Ewoks in future theoretical movies are not CGI.  I hated CGI Yoda in the new films.  I long for the puppets and costumes of old.  CGI Ewoks would be the same thing at all.)

Are there any Star Wars characters/worlds/etc. that you’d like to see in the stand alones?  Anything you hope beyond hope not to see?


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