Hufflepuff Scarf Bookmark!


It’s super exciting to have a pen pal who loves a bunch of the same things you do.  My present pen pal loves Harry Potter, Jane Austen, her pets, and a bunch of the same shows I do (Hannibal and Pushing Daisies, anyone?).  Since I have mad crocheting skills, I decided to crochet her a Hufflepuff Scarf Bookmark because she loves HP and reading and because Hufflepuff was the House she got assigned on Pottermore (I’m a Ravenclaw, btw).   The Bookmark Scarf came out just like I wanted, and I’m pleased that I could figure out something to make her that fits cozily in an envelope (important since international shipping is insane).

If you’d like a pen pal for yourself and are a bit (or a lot) of a geek, check out International Geek Girl’s website and sign up.  I’ve signed up four times and have met four awesome ladies through it.   I’ve had pen pals from Australia, England, Spain, and Illinois.   Such fun, right?


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