Cozy Fall Knits {10 Free Patterns!}

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It tends to be freezing in the library where I work year round. In the Summer, it might be ninety degrees outside, but I’m wearing leggings and a heavy cardigan and still shivering. In the Fall and Winter, it just gets worse. I’ve been knitting fingerless mittens all Summer to prepare myself for the oncoming frigidness.

Now that it is getting into that prime yarn-crafting season again, I’ve been lurking on Ravelry and Pinterest looking for some new cozy projects to tackle this Fall. I think I’m going to need a warm shawl to keep at my desk (sometimes the window by my desk freezes over with ice because it’s so cold). Maybe I’ll cast-on my second pair of (super thick) socks or finally tackle a Weasley sweater. Anything to keep me–a person who wears gloves in sixty degree weather–from freezing in my much colder office.

If you’re like me and are looking for some projects to keep you busy and warm while you’re trying out all the new Fall shows or sitting at your desk, I rounded up a list of ten, free patterns.

Cozy Knits for Fall

  • Tidblad ~ Shawls seem to be nice, medium-sized projects (perfect for those, like me, who are still super intimidated by knitting an article of clothing that will only possibly fit).
  • Miss Marple Scarf ~ I’ve knitted this pattern twice, and who knows, I’ll probably make it again. It’s easy yet interesting and I can’t wait to channel an Agatha Christie character once the weather turns even colder.
  • Pumpkin Tea Cozy ~ Not going to lie. This project speaks to me.
  • Apothecary Cuffs ~ Outlander inspired knitting patterns tend to be gorgeous without exception. These cuffs were my first proper, knitting project on dpns and I love them. (Even if I made some mistakes with the pattern. Oops.)
  • Harry Potter Scarf ~ It’s the time of year to show your House Pride with a hand-knit scarf.
  • Josh’s Link Hat ~ In case you need a last minute(ish) Halloween costume.
  • Yoked Skirt With Pockets ~ I’ve wanted to make this skirt since I started knitting. It has POCKETS!
  • Hedgehogs ~ I’ve never knit amigurumi, but these hedgies might convince me to try.
  • Proud Puppy Sweater ~ The Gert would hate me if I knitted this for her, but she’d be adorable in it!
  • My Cup of Tea Socks ~ Knit on dpns (score!) and relatively simple looking. This are definitely in my queue.

What’s your favorite cozy accessory to knit for Fall?

A Rainy, Autumn Afternoon Playlist

A Rainy Autumn Afternoon Playlist.jpgAutumn’s my favorite time of year. I love heavy sweaters, hand-knit hats, and steaming mugs of spiced tea. The return of TV series, my beloved electric blanket, and library book sales only add to the elure. There’s simply this knitted/rustic/plaid aesthetic to Fall that appeals to me, and lately, it’s put me in the mood to listen to twangy, acoustic music when I’m writing. It makes me feel like I’m working in a shabby chic coffee house that serves pour-overs in tin mugs and has artistic jack o’lanterns on the counter.

I’ve created a playlist that satisfies that fantasy and gets me in the mood for blogging about pumpkin recipes and writing stories about college students working in coffee shops. 

Rainy, Autumn Day Playlist.jpg


What music puts you in the mood for Fall?

{From My Shelves} Fall TBR

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Somehow, I’ve managed to get over two thirds of the way through my reading goal this Summer. It was rough. As per usual, Summer was the season of reading slumps and depression. I’m hoping Fall will be better. I can usually get through more books once the weather turns cool and I finally feel up to relaxing afternoons with a cup of tea and my beloved electric blanket.

Meanwhile, I’m trying not to get my expectations up too high. I have some classics and nonfiction that I’d love to get through before the end of the year, but I’m not including them on this TBR because I don’t want to set myself up for failure. (I tried to get through The Mill on the Floss this Summer, but I just couldn’t do it–in spite of loving George Eliot’s writing.) Instead, I thought I’d pull books from my shelves that would help me complete my reading challenge, get me ready for a new Fall show, and just plain entertain me.

We’ll see how it goes.

From My Shelves: Fall TBR

  • Death by Darjeeling by Laura Childs ~ My easy book for the TBR! I always try to include at least one lightweight to keep myself from freaking out over all the heavy tomes on my list and Death by Darjeeling is that one for Fall. At the last library book sale, I grabbed a bunch of cozy mysteries–figuring I’d need to have some on hand for when I wasn’t feeling up to something denser. Most of the ones I picked were about books, tea, or cats–which just feels right to me.
  • The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco ~ If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve owned The Name of the Rose for at least seven years. Most books that I’ve had that long and haven’t read have been culled from my shelves in the past year. For some reason, I held onto Eco’s novel. I’ve heard it’s fantastic so I really have no reason (besides how incredibly hefty it appears) to put off reading it any longer.
  • In Cold Blood by Truman Capote ~ For my Reading Challenge, I have to read one True Crime novel. True Crime is one of the few genres that I have absolutely no interest in so I figured I might as well stick with a classic. I’ve read Truman Capote before thanks to Breakfast at Tiffany’s (which is MUCH better than the film, by the way). I figure his foray into crime writing will be entertaining enough to allow me to check one more item off my Reading Challenge To-Do List.  
  • When Did You Last See Your Father by Blake Morrison ~ I’ve had this novel on my shelves forever. I bought it solely because David Nicholls wrote the screenplay for the adaptation–which, on reflection, seems like a weird reason to read a book written by a different author. Still, it’s a small book. It’s time I got through it and sent it back to the library.
  • Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith ~ The Crown premieres on Netflix on November 4th. To prep, I figured I might as well read a biography of the Queen. I’m not holding my breath that the book will be terribly interesting (I don’t expect a whole lot of trashyness), but I’m still curious about her thanks to watching the *almost* completely fictitious A Royal Night Out this Summer.

There are my five books. What are you planning to read this Fall?

My Fall To-Do List

Hamilton Songs On Repeat (2).jpgSweaters, electric blankets, hot chai, and new TV shows. Fall IS my season. I know you’re not supposed to wish your life away, but Summer is the worst and I’m so glad it’s over.

I cannot wait to eat all the (gluten free) pumpkin things!

Like with Summer, I figured I’d do a proper to-do list for Fall. Looking back, I can say I did alright on my Summer list. *Maybe* I didn’t get to any beach reads, but I did dash through Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and see Top Gun in the theater so the season wasn’t an entire waste. Also, I went to three new coffee shops and an artisan Ice Cream parlor. Living my best life right there.

My plans for Fall mainly include watching Gilmore Girls with my mom, but I figured it’d be nice to make a more ambitious to-do than just getting through seven seasons of a show before November 25th.

Okay, the list isn’t incredibly more ambitious than that, but Fall is the season for books, tea, and coziness. I don’t want to do too much adventuring when I could be reading the next A Song of Ice and Fire.  

My Fall To-Do List

  • Carve Pumpkins ~ I’m terrible at carving pumpkins (because sharp objects and myself do not mix), but I love it anyway. The last two years I’ve missed out on carving but not this year! I will carve something wonky into a pumpkin’s side and display it proudly for trick-or-treaters.
  • Star Wars Watch-Through ~ Last year, I rewatched all of the Star Wars films in the Spring. I wish now that I’d waited until right before The Force Awakens came out so it’d all have felt more fresh. That’s why, this year, I’ve been waiting and waiting to start my rewatch for Rogue One. Originally, I’d planned to try watching it in “Machete Order” since I’ve only ever watched the series chronologically starting with the prequels. I’m not entirely sure that’s the best way to go since that would mean watching A New Hope (the film closest chronologically to Rogue One) first. I’ll probably just go with “Chronological Minus The Phantom Menace” as per usual.
  • Art Museum Trip ~ I’ve only been to the Cleveland Art Museum once. I was up in the city for an interview and was able to spend *maybe* an hour there–which meant that I got through the Egyptian exhibit and very little else. I’ve been longing to go back for a second visit, and Fall seems like the perfect time to wander through galleries.  
  • Reread Jane Eyre ~ Is it just me, or is Fall the perfect season for reading the Brontes? I might make that association thanks to my English Major days, but the gothic setting of Jane Eyre feels October-y to me. I haven’t read Jane Eyre since high school, and I’m well aware that I didn’t understand it at all back then. I need to go back and be more open minded about Rochester (unlikely) and more accepting of Jane (much more likely).
  • Go to a Craft Show ~There are indie craft shows ALL THE TIME downtown where I work. Unfortunately, a lot of them occur on Saturday so I end up working through them. I want to take advantage of one of the few Sunday fairs, even if that means venturing downtown on a day I’m not actually working.
  • Find a New 3DS Game to Play ~ So, I bought a 3DS last Fall and I’ve only purchased three games for it–two of which I hated (Disney Infinity and Animal Crossing). Right now, I’m playing through Legend of Zelda: An Ocarina of Time and I’m enjoying it. . .kind of. I have to use a walkthrough to get through the story–which can get incredibly frustrating. I want to find a game with more of a puzzle aspect to it. I loved computer games that had a nice balance of story and puzzle when I was a kid (like Torin’s Passage and Dr. Brain). I’m sure there’s something out there along a similar line. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!
  • Drink Spiced Apple Cider ~ Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s aren’t my thing. They’re too sweet and not pumpkin-y enough tasting for me. Spiced Apple Cider is the real deal. Every once in awhile, I even get to drink apple cider from the apples we’ve grown–which makes it even better!
  • Play More Games ~ I own a decent amount of board games, but this year, I’ve been terrible about actually playing them. I still haven’t touched my copies of Munchkin, Iota, or Diamonsters. Before Christmas, at the very least, I need to give them all a shot (then I don’t have to feel guilty if I ask for a game or two for the big day).
  • Watch Horror Movies ~ I’m a complete wimp when it comes to horror movies. I’ve always loved horror TV shows (Hannibal <3) and novels, but films just seem so much more intimidating. I have a short list of movies I want to watch in October (The Ring, The Host, Cabin in the Woods, etc), but I could definitely use recommendations for horror films that are scary but not terribly gory–which means do not recommend a Saw film! I will not watch it. 
  • Bake a Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie ~ I already have a recipe picked out. This will happen!

What’s on your Fall To-Do list?

{Film Review} Bridget Jones’s Baby


Bridget Jones’s Baby is one of those movies you really shouldn’t think too much about. It’s cute, adorable fluff until you start analysing it–which, me being me, is exactly what I did.

My immediate reaction after leaving the theater was a positive one. I loved seeing Bridget on the screen again and was quite taken with her new suitor, Jack. I loved the goofier humor and her new thirty-something friends. There were, sadly, some pop culture jokes and references that already felt dated, but in the one lone Rom-Com of the year, I was willing to overlook a little lack of coolness.

It really is that general lack of Rom-Coms which makes me so sad that Bridget Jones’s Baby doesn’t work so well once you start dissecting the “Rom” part of the  “Rom-Com.”  The ending of the film wasn’t a surprise, but it wasn’t exactly a welcome revelation either–especially considering the information we’re given over the course of the film.

Warning: From here on out, there are spoilers.

So here it is: I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to have Bridget end up with a workaholic who hasn’t been able to commit to her for the last ten years, but that’s the ending of we get. Perhaps, we’re supposed to want her to end up with Mr. Mark Darcy simply because we’ve been rooting for them to tie the knot for the last two films, but I’m sorry, I couldn’t do that.

I actually groaned when he began pursuing her at their godchild’s christening. It might be because I’ve been watching so much horrible backsliding on Gilmore Girls lately, but I hated that they spent the night together after the awful way he’d treated her when they were a couple. I wanted Bridget to have a bit more self-control than that. I mean, the man was still married and he’d treated her very poorly.

Why’d you do it, Bridget? Why?

I was hoping it’d just be chalked up to one night of bad decisions–that she’d realize the two of them could never work out based on their past. It would have been nice for her to finally accept that it’s over and that Mark Darcy would never really be able to be there for her.

Unfortunately, the movie had a weird point to make about online dating.

In steps Jack, the match-making guru who uses an algorithm to figure out if people are compatible. Unsurprisingly, he and Bridget are compatible; Bridget and Mark are not. Again and again throughout the movie, we hear that Bridget and Jack are perfect for each other on paper. Of course, it doesn’t matter that they have genuine chemistry and he’s a sweetie pie. She has history with Mark and–even though they aren’t a good match based on an algorithm–we are supposed to believe they are meant for each other.

Oh please! Bridget and Mark dated for an extended amount of time. Much of that time, Bridget spent both alone and lonely. Mark’s had a failed marriage–most likely because he’s a workaholic with bad relationship skills (and not because he’s meant to be with Bridget). Sure, an algorithm’s just an algorithm, but math has a point here. Mark might be a good guy, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best guy for Bridget.

Jack, on the other hand, was supportive and in for the adventure with Bridget. He might have been a bit competitive when it came to being a prospective daddy, but he was genuinely happy to go along with the ride and be there whenever she needed him. He was the one bringing her gifts, watching her diet, and helping her paint the baby’s room. He was the one there for her when the other possible dad was taking work calls and ditching Bridget when he was led to believe he wasn’t the father. Sure, some of that was Jack’s fault, but maybe, Mark could have talked to Bridget before jumping to conclusions and abandoning her.

I’m sorry. I’m Team Jack–which means, of course, Bridget couldn’t end up with Jack. (I always seem to back the dark horse.) In the end, Bridget walks down the aisle with Mark and carries around Mark’s baby around the reception. We’re all supposed to be happy for the fact that love (and not math) won out, but I was just confused about everything.

Why are we supposed to believe Mark and Bridget will be happy this time around? Why was Jack at the wedding if the baby wasn’t his? Why, most importantly, was this film so hostile toward tech and online dating.

It’s ridiculous how weirdly combative a Rom-Com made in 2016 is toward technology. I got a strong “KIDS THESE DAYS WITH THEIR TINDER AND THEIR SMARTPHONES!” vibe from the film–which was off-putting because I think the only way Rom-Coms have a chance of surviving as a subgenre is by their creators accepting that people do meet and fall in love in different ways now. Bridget Jones’s Baby rages against the machine and makes it’s ending unpalatable in the process.

On the whole, Bridget Jones’s Baby is passable as Rom-Coms go but only because there are some real doozies out there. I’ll be sticking with the original Bridget Jones’s Diary and choosing to ignore the fact that this one ever happened.

What Rom-Com characters do you think should have ended up together but didn’t?

Fall Movies On My Must-See List

Hamilton Songs On Repeat (4).jpg

So far this year, I’ve seen a grand total of thirteen movies in the theater. I believe that’s a record high for me–even with how many times I went to The Fellowship of the Ring and various Disney movies in Junior High.

Thirteen might be an unlucky number, but I’m actually really proud of it. For years, anxiety’s completely messed with my movie-going enjoyment. (It’s hard to have fun watching a film when you’re in the middle of a panic attack.) This year, I figured my own form of exposure therapy would help me get over that, and by movie five or six, I realized my master plan was working.

I *may* have ended up seeing a few doozies (I nearly fell asleep during Pete’s Dragon), but it was worth it to get to the point where I’m look forward to seeing things on the big screen again.

To keep up this momentum (and keep myself from getting squirmish), I’ve made a list of all the movies I’m going to go see this Fall. Of course, you’ll all be able to guess what movies I’m really, really looking forward to (ahem, Rogue One), but I’m going to try to force myself a little outside my comfort zone with a weeper like Light Between Oceans (I can, at least, bribe myself with the likes of Fassy).   

Fall Movies On My Must-See List

Light Between Oceans (September 2nd) ~ Several years ago, I read the book during a single, long car ride. I don’t remember much about the novel other than the very basic plot–which probably means it wasn’t the greatest book of all time. Still, the trailers for the film look gorgeous (as does the cast). This will be my first time seeing Alicia Vikander in a film other than The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. Hopefully seeing her in something serious will give me the added gumption to watch Ex Machina . .finally.  


Bridget Jones’ Baby (September 16th) ~ I never expected Bridget Jones’ Diary to be one of my favorite films, but I’m incredibly partial to it. While Edge of Reason wasn’t the greatest sequel in the world (I remember very little of that film), I’m so looking forward the the third in the trilogy. I’m also pleased to see McDreamy returning to the RomCom circuit. Maybe a resurgence on his part could mean a sequel to Enchanted?  


The Magnificent Seven (September 23rd) ~ The Coen Brother’s True Grit is one of my favorite films of all time. Before that movie, I had a very low tolerance for Westerns. Slowly, though, I’m coming to appreciate the genre. (It helps, of course, that newly released Westerns have actors like Michael Fassbender and Chris Pratt in them.) Before the new Magnificent Seven is released I plan on watching The Seven Samurai and the original Magnificent Seven–which feels incredibly ambitious since both of those films are LONG.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (September 30th) ~Let me confess something: I really didn’t like the book this film is based on. Thankfully, the film appears to be COMPLETELY different from the source material. I’m rooting for Tim Burton to make a decent film out of this concept. I can’t say my expectations are high, but I’m going to give it a proper chance regardless.   


Arrival (November 11th) ~ I hate myself for still liking Jeremy Renner in films, but he and Amy Adams are completely selling me on Arrival. I love a good low-key Science Fiction film, but this is the first one in awhile that has a cast I can get on board with. Sorry, but if Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon, or George Clooney are in space, I’m out.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (November 18th) ~ I wasn’t anticipating the release of Fantastic Beasts until Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released. My enthusiasm for Harry Potter had been waning in recent years, but rereading the series and getting an 8th “book” has gotten me back in the Potterhead zone. Also, I really just want to see Colin Farrell as a wizard villain.


Moana (November 23rd) ~ Not the point of this movie, but I want Dwayne Johnson to be a Disney Prince. Someday, I hope it will happen, but until then I’ll be satisfied with him voicing a prominent character in Moana.


Rules Don’t Apply (November 23rd) ~ Actual Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich, is in another film about old Hollywood. After Hail, Caesar, this isn’t a movie I’d pass up voluntarily. I know it won’t be as good as Hail, Caesar (no Charming Potato as a Gene Kelly-a-like), but it looks cute all the same. It’s also part of my old Hollywood to-watch list with Trumbo and The Magnificent.

Rogue One (December 16th) ~ I love Star Wars. I also loved Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla. There’s nothing about this movie that makes me think I won’t absolutely adore it. I’m just worried that by book shelves won’t have room for the inevitable Rogue One collectibles that I’ll be adding to my Star Wars collection.

Passengers (December 21st) ~ No trailer for Passengers yet, but a Science Fiction romance with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence is a must see. I hope it will have some humor to it and maybe a few shirtless scenes for Pratt. It’s about time I see Jennifer Lawrence in a film outside of the Hunger Games or X-Men franchises anyway.


What Films Are On Your Must-See List This Fall?

Let’s Chat About: Blogging, Creativity, and Trying New Things

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So, this year’s been a bit of a rough one. Just thought I’d preface this post with that fact. I haven’t exactly been keeping up with Readerly Geek on a regular basis. My own expectations are the culprit for that. I tend to get one thing stuck in my head (like having to have two blog posts up every week or having a proper niche), and when I can’t do that thing, I sort of self-destruct. It doesn’t help that I’ve also been trying very, very hard to psyche myself up for starting a secondary blog–one for essays and the like that I can use for proper writing examples *if* I ever decide to apply to writing jobs. Of course, to be able to write essays for that future and non-existent blog, I need to get over some of the hang-ups I’ve acquired about my writing (that English degree was a doozy). Until that long-distant time, I want to keep writing and sharing my work. Readerly Geek can’t just fade of into the sunset because, when I’m not writing or commenting, I miss putting my thoughts into typed words and I miss all of you.

Starting now, I’m going to try cutting back to one post a week and see if that helps me keep my sanity. In addition to that second blog, I want to try some new projects and cutting back on writing posts will give me the opportunity to pursue a possible podcast and play around with filming vlogs. (You might finally get to hear my voice. I’ll try to keep it out of Minnie Mouse octaves!) I feel like it’s time for me to try new things again. It’s been too long since I’ve experimented with new forms of creativity.

Have you ever just felt like you’ve been too complacent? It wasn’t until the last couple of months that I realized I’ve been struggling with complacency all year. I’d never had a proper adult job before last Fall and I feel like, now, not having to hustle with used book selling, subbing, and crafting has made me stop reaching for new goals. I’m not the sort of person who is just happy putting in her hours and lazing her free time away. I want to be productive. I want to be doing cool things. Hopefully, before the end of 2016, I can start doing those cool things again.

It helps that I got a iPad Air 2 over Summer. Now, I have access to a halfway decent camera and Garageband. I haven’t used Sophie (the iPad’s name) much yet, but I’m going to make it my goal to, at least, get one video filmed, edited, and shared before the end of the month. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me talk about, let me know. Right now, I just can’t work up the enthusiasm to record a “Reading Wrap-Up” or something along that lines. I want to have fun with the video, but I’m not entirely certain what would entail yet.

As for a podcast, alas! The problem with podcasting is that it seems so much harder to do by yourself. I adore listening to podcasts though so I’m challenging myself to try it this year. Whether I get someone to take a chance on me and include me in their podcast or start my own, remains to be seen. Has anyone else started a podcast? How on earth did you do it?!?!

We’ll see what these last couple months of 2016 bring. I want to write, I want to share things I create, I want to try new ways of expressing myself. When I get there, I’ll just be sure Readerly Geek is around so I can share those things with all of you.

Thanks for hanging around!

Have you been struggling with being creative this year? Are there any new projects you’ve been  dreaming of?

Mystery Mini Monday #2

Mystery MininMo.jpg

Happy Mystery Mini Monday, everyone! It’s been about a month since my inaugural MMM post. Thanks everyone who voted on which box I should get next. Zooptopia won out. The only issue turned out to be Zootopia Mystery Minis are harder to track down right now than you might think. My local Hot Topic had two boxes left, but they were both super, super light. I wanted to get a box with, at least, a slight possibility of Nick or Judy, but I seriously think the ones I shook at Hot Topic were going to be either Mr. Big or Finnick. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a better selection soon.

In the meantime, I sort of ignored the voting all together and picked up a Batman v Superman box.


I know, I know. The film wasn’t super popular, but I actually liked it quite a bit–even in spite of fully expecting to hate Batfleck. I’m sort of excited for the “Ultimate Edition” to come out on Blu-ray this week. I’ve heard it’s even better than the Theatrical Cut so I’ll definitely be all for buying it.

What can I say? I’m a DC Comics fan.

The Mystery Minis from the film have been on my to-buy list for awhile. I already have a decent sized BvS Funko collection. I own Wonder Woman (of course), the Toys R Us Exclusive Batman and Superman Set, and Knightmare Batman. I’m still on the lookout for the Rock Candy Woman Woman from the film, but I haven’t tracked her down yet. The Mystery Mini set will have to do for now.

bvsmystery.jpgThe choices for the box include three different Dianas, Alfred, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, three Batmans, one Supes, a Superman Soldier, and Aquaman. Seriously, other than the single Superman Soldier, there aren’t any bad options. Wonder Woman, Alfred, and Aquaman top my Most Desirable List, but I wouldn’t fret most of the others.

Duh, duh, duh. . .let’s see what I got!


Score! Wonder Woman!

Ugh, and I just love her. The detail on her suit and crown is amazing. I love her power pose and angry eyes. This is one Diana you wouldn’t mess with. I have an older Wonder Woman Mystery Mini too, but she’s nowhere near as detailed and tough looking as this one. I’m so glad I took a chance on this box. I can always use more DC Women on my shelves!

wonderwomen.jpgSpeaking of DC Women, is anyone signing up for the Women of DC box from Legion of Collectors? I’m so tempted. In my dreams, it would include an Oracle and/or Black Canary Pop. There are just two things keeping me from signing up:

  1. Funko’s unisex shirts don’t fit me.
  2. I’ve not been thrilled with what I’ve seen in recent Legion and Collector Corps boxes. (Smuggler’s Bounty has been pretty awesome, admittedly.)

I don’t know what to do! What do you think?

Also, who’s your favorite woman from DC Comics? (Mine’s Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl!)


Funko Fridays: Harry Potter and the Funko Pop Exchange

Funko Fridays (1).jpg

With only 15 days left until the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I have to say I’m not feeling ready. That could be because I’ve failed to keep up with my Harry Potter Reread. I stalled somewhere in the middle of the fifth book and had to take a break (A LONG BREAK–I’m currently reading the brick Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell). I think trying to read all seven Harry Potter books in a row was just a bit too ambitious for me. I’m the sort of reader who needs a lot of variety so, apparently, there is a thing as too much Harry Potter.

I still plan on finishing my reread before attempting The Cursed Child. I just probably will be rereading past the release date at this point.

laughing crying.gif

While taking my hiatus from the books, I haven’t taken a break from the series as a whole. I got sorted into my Ilvermorny House a couple of weeks ago and still haven’t come to terms with being placed in Thunderbird. (I’m a Slytherin. It really doesn’t make sense.) I’m tempted to take the test again because I 100% know that I am not a Thunderbird. Horned Serpent or even the Hufflepuff equivalent seems more likely, but not Thunderbird. Nope!

I also have managed to add two new Funko figures to my Harry Potter collection this month. I bought a Harry Potter Mystery Minis box for myself (will share pictures soon!) and I joined in on the Geek Girls x Bloggers’ Funko Exchange and ended up with my second Funko Pop from the line.

My Funko Swap partner was Andrea from Alithea and she was kind enough to send me a Luna Lovegood Pop.


My Harry Potter Funko collection is, obviously, small so I was super happy to add Luna to my set. She’s one of my favorite characters from the series, and I’m still seriously invested in shipping her and Neville Longbottom. I wanted to add Luna to my collection because I thought her figure was absolutely adorable. I love her radish earrings and swirly Mary Jane shoes. She even has a spider ring and impressive wavy hair! While I think some of the Harry Potter figures are a bit boring, Luna–like her character in the books–most certainly isn’t. I’m definitely looking forward to displaying her on my desk!

With Luna Lovegood and Harry in the Sorting Hat in my collection, I’m finding it really difficult not to jump in and start collecting all of the Potter Funkos. Right now, on my very limited wish list, I want Hermione in her Yule Ball gown and Neville. Someday, hopefully, I’ll be able to buy my favorite character of all time, Remus Lupin, too. I’m just worried it will be hard to stop once I start buying this series! I already have so many Pops!!


If you’re a Geek Girl Blogger, like me, you should check out the Facebook page of the group who organized the swap. They’re a super encouraging and friendly group of ladies! Also, check out Andrea’s blog. She’ll be blogging about to the swap as well, but she also writes about Funkos and other geeky stuff on the regular so take a look!

So what Ilvermorny House were you sorted into? What Harry Potter Funko is on your wish list?

Funko Fridays Blogging Prompt

Gif Source: Tumblr & Image Source: Home of the Nutty

{Make It Nerdy} Cubicle Inspiration

{Make It Nerdy}

I have two desks: One at the library and one at home. My home office desk is VERY representative of who I am as person. It’s filled with Funko Pops (ones from Harry Potter, Jupiter Ascending, and Crimson Peak) Lord of the Rings candles, and Star Wars art. My desk at work, on the other hand, is decorated with my least favorite Funkos, and other random things.

If you saw my desk at work, you’d think I was a huge Marvel and The X-Files fan. Neither of those things are true (no more X-Files for me, at least, after that horrible event series!).

I’ve really been getting the bug to spruce up my library desk so I feel more at home there. The only problem is that I don’t want to spend much money on redecorating. Basically, I’m hoping to mostly use items I have at home to fix up my cubicle, but we’ll see how that goes.

During my brainstorming process, so far, I’ve been lurking on Pinterest and Polyvore searching for inspiration. I like themes so I’m trying to get an idea of how I want everything to look when I’m finished. I’ve made a few “Cubicle Inspiration” round-ups to get the creative juices flowing. I thought I’d share them with all you–you know, in case you’re getting the designer bug too. And if you have any awesome ideas, let me know! We can brainstorm together. Teamwork’s how I ended up with a rocking Christmas desk this past winter.

{Make It Nerdy} Cubicle Inspiration

A Very Nerdy Girl Desk


Likes Pink


A Very Bookish Desk


Quirk-i-fied Desk


How do you decorate your desk (whether at home or at work)?